#61 Fatal Conveniences™: Pet Food: Our Four-Legged Friends Deserve Better

#61 Fatal Conveniences™: Pet Food: Our Four-Legged Friends Deserve Better

You wouldn’t eat a bag of dried pellets made of meat by-products. So why would you feed it to your pet? Just like humans, animals need proper nutrition to thrive and live happy, healthy lives. Most store-bought pet foods consist of low-quality meats, fillers and preservatives. Our four-legged friends are our family, and they deserve better.

Welcome to Fatal Conveniences

This is a bite-sized segment that parallels The Darin Olien Show. In these segments, we get into society’s Fatal Conveniences™. I define these as the things we may be doing because the world we live in makes us believe we have to. These things save us time and trick us into thinking they’re actually good for us. But it’s those same things that are breaking down our health, and the health of the environment around us.

I’ve spent most of my adult life obsessively researching these “conveniences.” On every show, I pick one topic, and we dive into it. My goal is to make you more aware of these traps so that you can push back on them. Remember, it starts with you and the choices you make. 

So, if you’re willing to look at your world from a different perspective and make little tweaks that amount to big changes, then this segment is for you.

Pet diseases have increased 80% in the last fifty years. 

When most of the store-bought pet foods on the market are filled with junk, it’s not very hard to figure out why. Pet food manufacturers are constantly trying to make the food making process cheaper. So that means cheap ingredients and cheap packaging. All of that results in poor nutritional health for your furry friends.

This one isn’t tough, guys. We need to make sure our pets are eating whole, nutritional foods. I choose a plant-based diet for myself, but I know a vegan diet isn’t best for my German Shepherd, Chaga. So I give him a fresh, mostly raw diet consisting of 75% meat and 25% veggies and ancient grains. I’ll give you some tips on how to use fresh food for your dog and some fresh pet food companies that I love. Our pets are our babies, so let’s make sure we’re giving them the best life possible.

Other info in this segment:
  • The gross history of pet food companies
  • Signs that your pet has a poor diet
  • Why raw food is best for pets
  • Studies that reveal the horrifying ingredients in dry pet food
  • Is grain-free better for your dog?
  • What foods are best for cats and dogs
  • Great fresh pet food companies 
Links & Resources:

A Study on the Nutritional Effects of Grain in the Diet of a Dog: The University of Maine

Holistic Guide: https://healthypets.mercola.com/ 

Expert Opinion Dog Food Reviews Website (Dog Food Advisor

What’s Killing Our Pets? By Earth Island Journal

The Farmer’s Dog 

Darwin’s Natural Pet Food

Netflix’ Down To Earth’ Official Trailer

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