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3 out of 4 homes in the U.S. have tap water containing contaminants that exceed safe water limits.


AquaTru’s patented Ultra Reverse Osmosis technology is certified to remove 83 contaminants, including lead, chlorine, fluoride, nitrates, & more.


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The world’s first supernut. Discover the healthiest nuts in the world loaded with antioxidant power, protein, and fiber, and with less fat calories than any other nut! Barùkas are good for you and good for the planet.

Beekeepers Naturals Logo

Beekeepers Naturals

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Are you aware of the incredible power that bee products can have on your everyday health?

Beekeepers Naturals are and their products offer real health solutions without any unnecessary or harmful substances. Everything is harvested in a sustainable way, with the health and happiness of the bees being their #1 necessity. 

blk logo


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Give your body the nutrients it needs to thrive.

blk. offers fulvic enriched beverages that support your body at a cellular level to revert damaged cells, promote healthy cell growth and increase the bioavailability of the nutrients you consume.

Blue Bottle Love

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When water is stored in a glass of deep blue color, it is bought back to Zero Point- Reminded of its pure essence, it returns to its original innocence. (How cool is that?!)


Placing your water-filled blue bottle in sunlight for 30-60 minutes helps to amplify and accelerate a cleansing, rejuvenating process. 


Read more about the benefits of storing your water in blue glass here.

bite toothpaste

Bite Toothpaste

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Minimize waste in your bathroom with Bite Toothpaste’s personal care products. 


Designed for both the planet and the consumer, their products are not only made from re-usable materials but they’re also vegan and cruelty-free. They’re made from clean ingredients, and they do exactly what they say they will. They’re not messing around.

Caldera + Lab

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Caldera Lab is my favorite high-performance skincare range.

By combining pharmaceutical-grade science, natural potent ingredients, and sustainable business practices, they’ve created a skincare range clinically verified to work gently and effectively, without the harmful toxins found in other brands. Caldera Lab’s products do what they say they do because they harness the power of nature to do so. Read more about why I use Caldera + Lab.




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Every day, you breathe billions of airborne contaminants in and out.

Clean the air you breathe with FEND. Using hydrating salts, FEND helps your upper airways capture and eliminate airborne contaminants before they reach your lungs.

Food Forest Abundance logo

Food Forest Abundance

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Turn your lawn into a food forest!

Food Forest Abundance is an innovative company that will create a Food Forest Landscape Blueprint customized to your backyard so you can grow the fruits, vegetables and flowers you’ve always dreamed of.

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HauteCoton are redefining luxury bedding with their 100% organic cotton sheets, pillows, duvets, crib sheets and pillowcases.


Upgrade your bedding today through a company that’s committed to a happier, healthier home and planet.


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Ra Optics

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Protect your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light with RA Optics glasses. 

Their lenses block out 95% of the most damaging range of artificial blue light, whilst allowing the beneficial colors needed for perception, functionality, and health to pass through.


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I’ve been using SafeSleeve for a really long time and couldn’t recommend them enough. 

There’s no easy way to completely avoid being exposed to harmful radiation caused by the electronics you use every day. But what you CAN do to minimize contact is invest in a SafeSleeve for your phone or laptop to block EMF’s.


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Thesarage brings unique, healthy infrared healing energy to the public in easy-to-use and affordable, high-quality products.  


By introducing infrared energy into the home through household devices, Thesarage have become the gold standard for energy healing. Their products do this through natural healing infrared, negative ions, and the elimination of EMF’s.  


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Viome Life Sciences was founded with a mission to make illness optional.


Their at-home testing kits allow you to analyze microbial and human gene expressions (mRNA), with technology exclusively licensed from Los Alamos National Lab, in order to provide you with health insights and the nutrition you need.

Vivo Barefoot

Vivo Barefoot

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I go barefoot as much as I possibly can. But when I do wear shoes, I only wear VivoBarefoot.


These amazing shoes allow your feet to feel and interact with the ground. They’re flexible, so they move with your muscles and ligaments, cutting down on the possibility of injuries when you’re walking, running, hiking or exercising. PLUS, VivoBarefoot works sustainability into every part of their business operations, which always gets high marks in my book.

Wren Logo


Tell them I sent you and they’ll plant

10 extra trees in your name!

Wren is for anyone that wants to offset their carbon footprint but doesn’t know where to start. Change your flexible subscription at any time and get regular updates on your progress.