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Check the 5 Life Forces for a SuperLife Each New Season

Check the 5 Life Forces for a SuperLife Each New Season

Whenever a new season is right around the corner, it’s very beneficial to take a moment and check in to see how you’re doing with the five forces: Nutrition, Hydration, Oxygenation, Alkalization, & Detoxification. If you’ve read my book, SuperLife: The 5 Forces That Will Make You Healthy, Fit, and Eternally Awesome, you know these are the five things that control the level of health you’ll enjoy. They are the five things that keep you from being sick and let you live a strong, vital, fit, and happy life.

It’s easy to scramble from one season to the next (especially if you have kids heading back to school in the Fall!) without taking a pause and seeing how you’re doing with your health. But I’d encourage you to always use the change in seasons as a chance to check in with yourself and see how well you’re doing with the five forces.

Each life forces supports the other four. For example, if you’re eating right, that good nutrition keeps you slightly alkaline (Alkalization). If you’re drinking enough water (Hydration), you also allow your detoxification systems to flow more effectively (Detoxification). If you’re deeply, consciously breathing oxygen (Oxygenation) and eating oxygen-rich, raw foods (Nutrition), you’ll also create an alkaline body (Alkalization). The five forces are all connected, so one you work on one consciously, you boost them all. How cool is that?

As you start this new season, look at how you are doing in each of the five forces. Really be honest and ask yourself these questions:


Am I eating plenty of fresh, whole foods?

What meals could I eat more fresh, whole foods at?

Am I eating a wide variety of foods or am I stuck in a rut, giving my body to same limited nutrients over and over again?


How much water am I drinking?

Am I drinking half my body weight in ounces?

Do I start every day with a big glass of clean, fresh water?

You haven’t had any water all night – your body is craving it!


Am I breathing consciously?

Filling my lungs and feeling my chest move?

Do I exercise every day to make my body breath deep?

Am I getting oxygen through fresh fruits and vegetables?


Am I eating raw foods every day?

At least one meal raw?

Raw food helps alkalize the body.

Am I finding ways to eliminate or control stress?

Stress acidifies your body.


Am I achy? constipated? fatigued? headaches?

These can be a sign of inflammation building up in the body and an overburdened detoxification system.

Am I eating plenty of colorful fruits and veggies full of the vitamins and minerals that my immune system and detox pathways need to function properly?

Be honest with yourself and then pick one (or two) of the life forces to really improve over the next season. Set a simple, specific, measurable goal for the life force. For example: I will drink water every morning (specific) for the next 30 days (measurable) or I will eat one raw veggie at every lunch for the next 10 days (achievable). Track your progress and go after change that will make you feel your best!

I am always blown away by how much POWER we have to nourish our bodies, regenerate our health, heal ourselves, and truly know ourselves and what makes us feel good! 

To learn even more about simple eating that’s packed with incredible nutrition designed to make you feel your best, check out my 10-Day Nutrition Program.

Here’s to a healthy new season ahead!


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