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Shoes | Fatal Conveniences™

Shoes | Fatal Conveniences™

Did you know that each foot contains 26 bones, 30 joints, and more than 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments? So, this insanely complex anatomical structure accounts for almost 25% of the bones and joints in your entire body. Not to mention the 200,000 nerve endings on the sole of each foot alone! So why do we insist on condemning these incredible sensory powerhouses to a life of padding and cushioning? Guys, it’s time we talked about shoes.

Welcome to Fatal Conveniences

Strutting your stuff shoeless is the way to go!

Once again, it turns out that even after thousands of years of evolution, Mother Nature still makes the best footwear. But we seem to have forgotten that. When we wear shoes consistently, what we’re doing is reversing this marvel of engineering. Sadly, our love of fashionable footwear has drastically desensitized our feet and changed the way we walk. Therefore, over time, they have even altered the human gait.

For the last 15 years or so, I’ve spent about 90% of my time totally shoe-less. Now, bear with me; I haven’t gone completely bananas just yet. But, by ditching the kicks, you’ll be rewarded with some pretty amazing health benefits.

In this Fatal Conveniences™, I break down the importance of letting your feet breathe. I also look at our feet and how getting a bit more grounded can work its magic across your whole body. I also explore why shoes change the way we walk and the things you can do to retrain your feet to be free.

In this segment:
  • Why we’re getting too much cushion for comfort
  • Building up your foot’s sensitivity to the earth
  • The research and studies that bring more light to foot health
  • Weakness, stiffness, and flat feet- Oh my!
  • How you can reconnect with your feet (and nature)
  • The best brands for keeping your feet happy
  • Why bad foot care affects you from head to toe

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1 Comment
  • ashy
    Posted at 13:21h, 20 November

    What about winters? I live in a place where it’s winter for a good six months. I never wear shoes indoors, only slippers occasionally..