Fatal Conveniences™: Teeth Whiteners: What Are You Bleaching Away?

Fatal Conveniences™: Teeth Whiteners: What Are You Bleaching Away?

Your image is a central part of functioning in today’s world. Social media, virtual meetings, facetime… There are a million different reasons to want to look your best at all times. And yellow, dingy teeth certainly don’t fall into that category. But are teeth whiteners safe? Are there better options?

Welcome to Fatal Conveniences™. COMMON TEETH STAINING CULPRITS: Coffee, Black Tea, Tobacco, Red Wine, Soy Sauce

Americans spend $1.4 Billion on non-prescription teeth whiteners every year.

It’s a totally normal instinct to want to look your best. And your smile represents who you are. So there’s absolutely no shame in wanting whiter teeth. However, in order to understand the potential danger of whitening products, you have to understand how the teeth work. Your sensitive tooth enamel’s sole purpose is to protect your teeth. And harsh whiteners can weaken your enamel, thus weakening your teeth in general.

But don’t worry, guys. You don’t have to settle for a yellow smile. In this episode, I’ll explain the dangers of over-the-counter whiteners and why it’s risky to whiten your teeth without the guidance of a dentist. I’ll also explain how you can prevent yellowing in the first place, and what natural products are available to use instead. So show me those pearly whites and listen up!

  • [00:05:05] Prehistoric oral hygiene
  • [00:08:18] What causes discoloration?
  • [00:09:28] Is hydrogen peroxide ok?
  • [00:14:00] Sneaky ingredients lurking in whiteners
  • [00:15:02] What you can do to keep your teeth white naturally  

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