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Finding Balance Between the Extremes | Kenny Chesney

Finding Balance Between the Extremes | Kenny Chesney

Performing night after night to sold-out arenas, pouring your heart out into every song, and drawing energy from the crowd must be an intoxicating feeling. But then after months of touring, it’s over. How do you find balance between the extremes? 

Welcome to the Darin Olien Show.

Kenny Chesney is a country music megastar.

And he’s also a good friend of mine. Kenny and I work out together and hang out together. He’s just a real, genuine, sweet guy. In 1997, Kenny had his first #1 Billboard hit with “She’s Got It All,” off his album I Will Stand. Even before that, he’s been selling out arenas all over the world and continues to do so.

Standing in front of a 60,000+ crowd is a feeling Kenny struggles to describe. But it’s thrilling. He loves it. He thrives on it. He draws energy and magic from the crowd, and it gives him life.

But then the tour is over, and he’s just a guy. That transition has proven to be extremely emotionally draining for Kenny. And he struggles to strike a balance between the extreme high of performing, and the silence of the time between touring.

Kenny and I get into some deep stuff. I might not be able to relate to singing in front of massive crowds screaming my name. Still, I think we all can relate to feeling imbalanced when our work and personal lives are so different.

In this conversation, which was recorded pre-pandemic, I share some tips and tricks to finding balance in a chaotic life. We also discuss Kenny’s eating habits, which aren’t always the best, but certainly entertaining. And he gives us some dirt on what it’s like to work with Ed Sheeran. You’re not going to want to miss this one, that’s for sure.

In This Convo: 

  • How Kenny prepares his body for a tour
  • The mistakes he sees other artists make
  • What Kenny’s downtime looks like
  • Why he struggles with balance
  • Why fame doesn’t feed your soul
  • How seeing Bruce Springsteen play live changed him
  • The love/hate relationship Kenny has with ice baths
  • The melodic genius of Ed Sheeran
  • How 4th Period Geography class in high school ruined Kenny’s eating habits
  • This episode’s Fatal Conveniences™ topic: Shampoo 

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  • Stacey Howle
    Posted at 00:49h, 05 August

    I enjoyed this conversation with Kenny. But what I’m hearing from him is a yearning to find something that is a healing “high” off stage to take the place of the “high” he gets when he’s performing.. THAT type of joy can’t be sustained…not for anyone. And it can’t be any THING that does that for him. It’s a mindfulness and spirituality that he needs everyday to heal him. That will make the transition easier for him and bring contentment. Thank you Darien.

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