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Finding Your Inner God and Listening to Downloads From Spirit | Eben Britton

Finding Your Inner God and Listening to Downloads From Spirit | Eben Britton

Do you listen to the downloads the Universe gives you?
In this episode of The Darin Olien Show, I chat with Eben Britton about his transition from the NFL towards becoming a Yogi. While it was difficult making the shift, Eben learned how to listen to the messages that the Universe kept sending him but have been ignoring for a long time. Through studying these messages and experiences that came from them, he learned how to move forward and step into his most powerful self. 
Eben also shares how important it is to trust your intuition when you are presented with these downloads as they allow you to find your inner God. The best way to find your inner God is to get in touch with your higher power through meditation practice.
Eben Britton is the host of “The Eben Flow” Podcast, is a former NFL player, and cannabis advocate. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Newsflash: Spirit doesn’t give a fuck. When Spirit gives you a download, it couldn’t care less if YOU do the work or not. Spirit has a message to spread and needs someone to act on it. And if you don’t, regardless of whether you getting the download for a good reason, then Spirit will find someone else to carry your message. And you’ll have to watch them do it. So if you’re getting a message that is meant for you and you know it is from the bottom of your soul, but you’re not acting upon it, then you’re wasting your time, potential, and energy on other things. 
  • Too often, we spend too much time researching and hoarding information and not enough time going out there and getting our hands dirty with the studies we find. But the thing is study and experience work together. Without each other, meaning on their own, they are worthless. The information you learn but never apply and the experiences you live through but never reflect upon after the fact are equally worthless.
  • We all have an inner God, we just need to develop a daily practice that allows us to get in touch with it. Whether it’s through a meditation practice or spending time in nature, you need to quiet down the voices in your head to leave room for this inner God to come through and share its message.
01:47: How Eben learned about Shakeology
05:55: About Eben
09:47: What wrongs Eben most about those in the plant medicine realm?
18:19: What happened when Eben and Mike parted ways?
24:57: How did Eben leave the NFL?
34:15: How do we carry shame and guilt?
43:11: How important is it to study experiences?
48:27: How important is it to act upon the messages you receive?
53:18: What is intuition?
59:05: How does Eben show up in life?
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