It is Time to Rethink Nature’s Natural Remedies for Healing and Health

It is Time to Rethink Nature’s Natural Remedies for Healing and Health

Would you spend almost $1000 a year on something that a) only provided a temporary solution, b) had potential negative side effects on your health, c) was synthetically made in a lab, and d) had no refund?

It doesn’t sound like a winning sales argument to me—and I doubt it does to you—yet that is the amount the average American spends on pharmaceuticals a year.

That total outpaces the entire world according to a study by The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

In general, Americans use more medicines and also spend more on medicine than people in any other developed country.

That is an incredible (and frustrating) statistic since there is no disease that originates from a pharmaceutical deficiency!

You may not know, but roughly 70 percent or more of all pharmaceuticals are isolated chemicals from a natural source (i.e. plant, root, tree bark).

That tells you the power of plants!

The idea is to manufacture the once-from-nature compound in a lab to provide you with a specific component in sufficient strength to treat your health symptom (pain, disease, headache or just plain sniffle) faster and more effectively.

Follow that?

However, it just so happens that when you cut individual elements out of nature’s perfectly balanced food matrix and recreate just one component of a food in a lab instead of utilizing the component in the food from a plant that has come from hundreds and upon thousands of biochemical evolutions, you get a compound that it is now something not found or understood in nature or your body.

These ‘new’ molecules generated in labs are very disrupting to our bodies’ very complex natural system and introduce a whole new slew of problems and possible side effects.

This reductionist way of trying to heal, reducing things down to isolated parts, isolating just this one thing or the other unfortunately goes deeper into known and unknown disruptions that just cause more and more aliments that we can’t ‘fix.”

Yet this is the medical system we have running the show.

It is an important breakthrough to understand that even if something is originally ‘good’ for your health, it could also destroy it when used incorrectly.

While there is a place for drugs and these types of medicine in emergencies, they rarely create health or actually healing when used this way.

Let me say that another way, you can’t and won’t ‘get’ healthy by taking drugs of any kind; they are only transitional or temporary or supposed to be protocols.

When drugs are used to ‘deal’ with chronic situations without addressing the underlying issues then there will, as a true result of the drugs, to be many other side effects and consequences.

Instead of leaning on isolated vitamins individually created in labs, we should get them directly from our food instead.

Don’t believe me? Just imagine you go to your favorite restaurant, sit down, and order your food. Out comes the waiter with a fancy, covered plate. Uncovering what you think is your colorful, flavorful dinner, all you see is a plain, white pill. Not that appetizing, right? It is a vivid visual of everything that is stripped away in a pill.

Naturally we want colors, flavors, and everything else that goes with the eating experience, in addition to the known nutrients we get along with countless yet-to-be discovered nutrients and benefits.

There are so many natural chemicals in our foods! Their countless benefits are actually natural remedies, right at our disposal.

So why are we not using them all the time?

Natural remedies fell out of favor as something poor, uneducated people relied on. Instead, the mega pharmaceutical industries promoted their quick-acting, “advanced” products and dissuaded the general population from using any traditional therapies, claiming them to be ineffective, superstitious, and dangerous. Fast forward to today.

Even though 80 percent of the world’s population relies on natural therapies, we in the industrial, “modern” Western world—with our hectic, fast-paced lives—want fast-acting relief from all the health inconveniences that arise from our lifestyle choices.

The truth is that natural therapies suffer on one side from big industry campaigns against their use and from exaggerated snake oil sellers and false claims on the other side. That leaves everyone caught in the middle.

Who do we believe?

What works and what is hype? Let’s bring back long-standing, safe, truly natural, tested, effective food remedies. Let’s flow with and utilize plant power as a proactive choice we can make for our health rather than waiting until a health emergency or visit to the hospital to take action.

Lifestyle is the key.

If you don’t want to change the thing that is causing the problem then the problem does not go away. It gains momentum and covering up the symptom with pharmaceuticals can only last for so long.

For example, if you have acid reflux and apply a natural therapy once a week, yet daily eat the wrong foods that cause or increase your symptoms, you certainly cannot blame the remedy or drug.

Unfortunately, with the drugs you often get a lot more problems (a.k.a. side effects, both known and unknown) that you have to deal with that ends up being a distraction from the real issue and finding a remedy for it.

Interestingly, according to the FDA, 2 million Americans suffer from side effects every year, and that does not include those who do not report or recognize side effect symptoms as they are occurring).

Our reliance on drugs has left us needy and unaccustomed to dealing with headaches, pains, depression, aches, and a long list of ailments the “natural” way. Pharmaceuticals, as we know them today, have been available for roughly 100+ years or so. This is a short frame of time in reference to the history of humanity.

We cannot begin to understand to full range of manufactured supplements’ effects on the human body.

Only when pharmaceuticals—our first option—are not available, will we resort to hunting through the spice rack, kitchen cupboard, refrigerator, and/or garden to access nature’s pharmacy in all its glory. It’s a desperate act, instead of a first choice.

We must rediscover the gifts we have available to us and use nature’s pharmacy as a first line of defense.

As you begin to try out nature’s pharmacy, here are five instant ways you can help nature heal you:

  • Get more quality sleep.
  • Drink more quality water.
  • Eat more plants.
  • Add superfoods into your daily routine.
  • Complete cold water exposure daily.

Respect, education, and integration are key to using these ingredients and creating healing remedies to cure everything from an upset tummy to a blazing fever. There is great satisfaction in going about healing the body naturally, and we at SuperLife are here to help assist you.

We will start with simple, easy-to-assemble remedies. Keep in mind we are not here to minimize the importance of pharmaceuticals. They play a key role in certain medical situations. However, we are encouraging you to embrace the many alternative, natural options available to you for daily, preventative, and long-term health.


TURMERIC ROOT SPICE – This remedy from nature is most readily usable in powder form. It helps clot blood almost immediately. You can sprinkle the potent powder on your cut or scape to help stop bleeding. In addition, turmeric has essential compounds that are naturally anti-inflammatory to assist with healing. Do use with caution near your favorite clothes, as turmeric’s vibrant orange/yellow color can stain.

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