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How To Evolve Emotionally By Addressing Old Wounds

How To Evolve Emotionally By Addressing Old Wounds

We’ve all found ourselves sitting in a metaphorical swamp at some point in our lives.

That point where we’re unable to make the next move and evolve. We’re stuck within ourselves and holding onto things that we should be making peace with and laying to rest. 

So, how can we become unstuck?

On a recent episode of The Darin Olien Show,

I sat down with Rainbeau Mars. Rainbeau is an author, Hollywood actor, model, yoga instructor, activist, and natural health expert.

Rainbeau has had many evolutions in her life, but none as poignant or profound as the evolution from within herself. Even though I have also had to evaluate my own internal baggage, she brought to light some interesting concepts I think we could all use when we need to do a little soul searching.

Write Your Life Story

Pursuing a life of truth, enlightenment, and personal evolution starts with your story. 

“I just wrote my whole life recently. I highly recommend that” Rainbeau explains, “The good, the bad- without judgment.”

No, she’s not doing it as an attempt to hit Amazon’s #1 spot for best autobiography. Instead, it’s a deep, revealing exercise into how past experiences have shaped her mentally and emotionally. This immersive process has not only allowed her to bring to light and navigate any potential psychological traumas but also give her the hindsight to recognize any patterns that she can start addressing. 

So, how do you even start to deconstruct your story? 

“Start from the beginning and come to this moment,” she says. We’re talking going WAY back to the time of your birth. Evaluate how they may have shaped and influenced your life today. Then unpack and seek to address anything you feel needs some attention, either with professional help or with self-healing practices, so you can evolve. 

Let Go To Allow For a Rebirth
Quote - "The sooner you can heal yourself, the better your whole life can be, and the sooner we can start manifesting consciously instead of self-consciously.”

We love to fight death. It’s a battle we all put our boxing gloves on for- not just the death of our own bodies but also the end of everything familiar, repetitive and habitual that we hold close to the chest.

But, as Rainbeau so eloquently said, “In order for something to be reborn, there has to be a death,” and going on an evolutionary emotional quest needs a little letting go of extra unwanted luggage.

Some stuff has to die so we can evolve and let new healthy patterns arise. If it’s your ego, greed, pride, humiliation, fear, anger – whatever. There has to come a time for you to dig deep, acknowledge it, and allow it to come to its end.

“To have faith in death, I think, is really one of the most challenging things I think for so many people. We have this really interesting relationship with death. To change, we need to embrace it.”

We can physically destroy ourselves because of our fear, judgment, and anger. So, interrupt these harmful patterns by acknowledging these traits, surrender and let go of the pent up, internal negatives.

Address Your Emotional Wounds

Many of us hide within our own shells, especially when there are emotional roadblocks in the way. But hiding from what is, isn’t progressive. It isn’t healthy, and it won’t serve you later on down the path.

You can eat correctly or work out every day to feel better within yourself, but if you don’t listen to the unhealed echoes of your life, they will definitely come back to haunt you. And there ain’t no Ghostbusters here to save you from those ghosts.

“It’s an infinite journey of becoming at peace and whole within ourselves,” says Rainbeau. “If there is a trigger or trauma, go explore it, relax, and remove the fear.”

“There are a lot of unhealed wounds within all of us,” she goes on to explain. “The sooner you can heal yourself, the better your whole life can be, and the sooner we can start manifesting consciously instead of self-consciously.” 

It is so convenient to not look deeper into yourself, but if you let any of your internal baggage hang around, the universe’s hand will get even heavier on your shoulders. If you don’t acknowledge it now, it will keep coming back bigger, stronger, and way more gnarly.

Your life is your own, there’s no denying that. But, if you want to evolve spiritually, emotionally, and mentally, you have to be able to let go of your fear. Reach in, digest, acknowledge, and address the things in your world that are stifling your personal evolution.

For more on my conversation with Rainbeau, click here.

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  • Holly Graf
    Posted at 06:55h, 22 July

    This was an amazing podcast for where I am – I’m healing from some experiences with my biological father (I was adopted), and figuring out myself. This was so relatable and inspirational and gave me a lot to think about.