#LOVEHowYouLive – Challenge 8

#LOVEHowYouLive – Challenge 8

The second life force that is key to living a SuperLife, Hydration! Why?

“Everything depends on the water we drink.”

Acknowledging that is the single easiest way to improve our lives. I discuss why hydration is a make it or break it habit in my new book – click here to learn more! I have TWO CHALLENGES for you that BOTH deal with #water.

CHALLENGE 8: Drink a big 16oz glass of water BEFORE you start your day today! I drink mine before I even get out of bed!



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What’s the #LOVEHowYouLive Challenge?

I am counting down until the release of my book with a 10-day challenge February 1-10 to jump start your #SuperLife. Begin to #LOVEHowYouLive with amazing & easy-to-achieve DAILY expert wellness tips that give you a sneak peek into the 5 Life Forces from my book that will make you understand your body and the power of food in a whole new way. Jump into your SuperLife by participating in the 10-day challenge!

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