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The Role of Oxygen in the Body | Dr. Stephen Krauss

The Role of Oxygen in the Body | Dr. Stephen Krauss

We all know that we need oxygen to breathe. But the role it plays in the body is even more vital and complex than we realize. Every cell in your body relies on oxygen for fuel. And you may not be getting as much of it as you think you are…


Dr. Stephen Krauss is obsessed with oxygen. And frankly, he thinks we all should be. “Every cell needs oxygen to create energy.” - Dr. Stephen Krauss

With over 40 years of experience in sales, manufacturing and nutritional formulation, as well as his education and degrees, Dr. Krauss uses it all to create products to enhance health and nutrition. And behind all his work and creations is his profound appreciation for oxygen and its role in the body. 

I’ve known Stephen for almost 20 years, and we share many of the same passions. When we first met, he was working on developing technology to oxygenate water. Since then, his work has evolved and encompasses many different mediums. Our conversation was very science-heavy, but you don’t have to have fancy degrees to absorb this complicated info. The bottom line is that oxygen is so vitally important to health. 

There are so many fascinating tidbits in this episode. I think you guys are going to be blown away. The power of oxygen is so underrated in our current society. I know I didn’t learn any of this stuff in school, that’s for sure! And just like any subject I spotlight on my podcast, now that you have the information, you can make more informed choices. This is about more than just the air we breathe and Dr. Krauss is the perfect guy to break it all down for us.

  • [00:07:03] Why Dr. Krauss focuses on oxygen
  • [00:11:38] The science behind oxygen-enhanced products
  • [00:14:07] Anaerobic vs. aerobic organisms
  • [00:21:20] Why we need more
  • [00:23:30] How supplements can help
  • [00:33:27] How it affects the brain
  • [00:46:45] What’s so great about oxygenated water?

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I hope you enjoyed this episode of The Darin Olien Show!

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1 Comment
  • Charlie Bennett
    Posted at 03:13h, 14 October

    Hello !

    Such an interesting Podcast. What i’d really like though is a link to the study about how bad bottled water is for you that is mentioned in the episode. This needs to be out there.

    Also, and i know you’ve talked about it before, but then it disappears into words in a podcast which is hard to find again and reconfigure, it would be great to have a drawing/ diagram about how your water filtration system in your house works, and why those step are needed. It would be even better to have links in that image going to the study of why it works.

    Podcasts are great to get a brief outline, or even an in depth one. But the likely hood of our brains holding all the information we hear isn’t very high. Images and links to studies would be a great resource that i could come back to agin and again.

    Thank you, you’re amazing !