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The Voltage in Our Bodies | Dr. Jerry Tennant

The Voltage in Our Bodies | Dr. Jerry Tennant

#54 Dr. Jerry Tennant on The Voltage in Our Bodies

I want you all to envision using a blow dryer to style your hair. If there’s not enough voltage hitting your dryer, it’s not going to work. However, too much voltage and sparks will fly. Believe it or not, our bodies work the same way. Every muscle is essentially a battery. Without the right amount of charge, nothing is going to work properly.


Dr. Jerry Tennant wants you to understand the voltage in your body.

As a world-renowned physician, international author, and integrative health practitioner, Dr. Jerry Tennant, MD, MD(H), PScD knows his way around the human body. He is a Harvard-trained ophthalmologist and has performed complicated eye surgeries on thousands of patients all over the world. He is also the founder of The Tennant Institute for Integrative Medicine and was named one of the “Top 20 Alternative Doctors in America”.

It was his world-renowned talent in eye surgery that ultimately led to him contracting three different viruses in his brain. His health began to rapidly deteriorate which forced him into early retirement. For the next seven years, he spent most of his days sleeping. When he was awake, he was in a mental fog, unable to do much of anything. Top doctors all over the country gave him no hope, telling him there was no cure for his illnesses. He was left to figure out the answers himself.

Then Dr. Jerry discovered the concept of voltage, and everything changed.

He learned that chronic disease occurs when the body loses its ability to make new cells that work. Through his research, he began to understand that loss of voltage in cells is directly related to the body’s inability to heal. As he studied this information, he began to heal his own body naturally. His career took a natural turn as well because this information has to be shared.

In this episode, Dr. Tennant breaks the very complicated concept of the voltage in human bodies. It’s very likely that this is the first time you’re hearing about this stuff, so it can be a bit overwhelming. I highly recommend heading over to Dr. Jerry’s website after listening to this episode and checking out his videos on the subject. There’s so much information to process, guys. But I promise once you catch on to how this stuff works, so many things will fall into place in your mind about your own body and health. I had like a million lightbulb moments about my own body once I stumbled upon his work. For example, did you know getting your wisdom teeth removed eliminates a key circuit connection to your brain? We talk about this and many other unknown mind-body connections. You’re not going to want to miss this one, that’s a promise.

In this episode:
  • The doctor’s personal health story
  • Root canals and the connection to overall health
  • pH levels in the body
  • Electron donors and electron stealers
  • New cell growth
  • The human body as a portable electronic device
  • The largest batteries in the body
  • The 5 reasons why muscles lose their “charge”
  • The frequency of memories vs. emotions
  • How each emotion affects different “circuits” of the body
  • How food and water affects your voltage

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