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Transforming Your Health Like Your Life Depends on It | Rory Cordial

Transforming Your Health Like Your Life Depends on It | Rory Cordial

The human body is amazing. It is the ultimate, complex, yet beautiful machine that has an insane capacity to heal and adapt. Therefore, it deserves our respect and there are many simple ways we can all do just that. 


There are some people on this planet that are born with a rare gift, and I think my buddy Rory Cordial falls nicely into that category.

Coming from a family chock full of healers, it was only natural that Rory would also take the reins and become a physical therapist. As an artist in his own right, Rory’s rare healing and intuitive touch means he is highly sought-after. He’s spent many years traveling the world, working with the crème de la crème of this planet’s talent. I’m talking Oscar and Grammy-winning entertainers and top-performing, gold medal-winning athletes here.

Rory is also the host of The Optimal Performance Guide Podcast- a show that presents his mind-bending conversations with high-level humans. Here he also gives guidance people need in order to adjust their mindsets and habits to hit optimal health performance. 

In this episode, Rory and I are in a healing mood. We talk about his Physical Therapist father, and how he’s mentored Rory to become the pragmatically minded, miracle healer he is today. We also explore some of the aspects of health that everyone should consider adjusting, and the simple techniques we can all apply in our lives to become a little bit happier and a lot healthier. 

In This Conversation:
  • Growing up in a healthy environment
  • Going beyond the five senses
  • How Rory apts into his physical and mental state
  • Why meditation is better than cramming last minute for an exam
  • Why there is so much power in being subtle- especially when it comes to muscles
  • How gratitude can help you heal
  • What Rory thinks is the key to a healthy life
  • Why we should all map out a clear direction when it comes to our physical health
  • Why you need to commit, commit, commit!
  • Babies and the importance of movement
  • What it’s like for Rory working with athletes and high functioning people
  • How Rory would approach healing a sprained ankle
  • Rory’s ultimate goals for the future
  • Fatal Convenience™: Cell Phones

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