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Turmeric + Cherry Recovery Tonic

Turmeric + Cherry Recovery Tonic

Nature has many whole foods that compete head-to-head with all the powders and supplements and pills we pound into our bodies in the 21st century. I love tart cherry juice because it has nutrients that have anti-inflammatory effects on your body.

Newer studies showed that adding tart cherry juice to your diet regularly could boost overall training capabilities, enhance post-workout recovery,  and lower muscle pain.

A study in Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports compared 20 recreational runners. One group had cherry juice for five days before running a marathon, again on race day, and for two days afterward as well. The other group just drank a placebo.  The runners drinking cherry juice showed lower muscle damage immediately after the marathon, lower levels of inflammation, and also regained muscle strength significantly quicker.

This recipe pairs tart cherry juice with turmeric, which also has anti-inflammatory properties that have been proven in studies. The inflammation-fighting, recovery boosting power of these two superfoods together is phenomenal. Try this simple tonic before or after your workouts.

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Note: Whole cherries are great to add to your diet too, but for the purposes of recovery and anti-inflammation, cherry juice is better because it has higher doses of those nutrients. (Most studies will focus on cherry juice for this reason). You can make the juice yourself (awesome if you have the time) or look for a organic, concentrate (concentrate means no water added) juice to buy. You can find this cheaper online.



Medium Bowl


1/2 tsp powdered turmeric (or 1/2 inch fresh turmeric root)
1-2 tbsp tart cherry juice concentrate (or 1 cup of fresh tart cherries, pitted and juiced) 

1 tbsp soaked chia seeds, optional 

Dash of black pepper (the pepperine in black pepper increases turmeric absorbtion by your body)


If choosing to add the chia seeds, soak chia seeds in 1 tbsp pure water for 5 minutes (if you don’t already have soaked chia seeds in your refrigerator, which I highly recommend!)

Combine chia, cherry juice, turmeric, black pepper and enjoy!

If making fresh cherry juice or turmeric:

Wash and cut turmeric into pieces if using fresh turmeric. 

Wash and pit cherries

Put turmeric and cherries through juicer

Combine all ingredients and enjoy!

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