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Why Your Voice Matters | Ronsley Vaz

Why Your Voice Matters | Ronsley Vaz

It can be scary to say what you’re thinking, especially in today’s divided world. We can’t let the divisiveness that surrounds us stop us from speaking our minds. It’s natural to be afraid, but say it anyway. Be courageous. Speaking your truth gives the people around you the unspoken permission to do the same. And that is powerful. Your voice matters.


Ronsley Vaz knows a thing or two about speaking his mind.

I am so excited to introduce this episode’s guest to you. Ronsley Vaz is the curator of the first audio marketing agency in the world, Must Amplify. He and his team produce this podcast for me, but he does a whole lot more than that. Ultimately, Ronsley helps people find their voice, and then he amplifies it.

Podcasting is so much more than having a conversation with someone you find interesting. It’s a way to get your perspective out into the world, and have others hear it and apply it to their own lives. Your listeners are able to learn from you, while you’re learning from them, and your guests. It’s such a full-circle way to bounce ideas off of like-minded, and not-so-like-minded people in order to see things in a new light.

Ronsley knows all of this,

but he didn’t always. He started his business journey so far away from the world of podcasting, it might as well have been in another universe. In 2013, his dream of owning and running a restaurant had failed miserably- and left him almost $500,000 in debt. He didn’t stay down for long though and quickly started a new business venture- connecting talented chefs with time-poor entrepreneurs who needed a little help preparing healthy meals for the week. 

This then led to starting his own podcast, Bond Appetit, which quickly gained an audience of over 1 million listeners in under 4 months and became Australia’s #1 food podcast. The technical side of podcast creation was the easy part for Ronsley, so he was puzzled when others came to him for help starting their own podcasts. 

Then he had a lightbulb moment.

Realizing he may have something to offer, he began selling courses on how to start your own podcast. It worked. He was able to pay off his massive restaurant debt in just over two years. The success of these courses led to his greatest project yet- Amplify, the world’s first audio marketing agency. Ronsley and his team help others find their voices, and he gives them a platform in which to amplify it. He’s done it for me- The Darin Olien Show is proof!

In this conversation, we get into the importance of speaking your mind. Being courageous enough to put your truth out into the world is never arrogant. It’s critical, especially now, to understand why your voice matters. Ronsley tells us all about starting his successful business and how it led to creating We Are Podcast, the southern hemisphere’s first podcast conference. He also gives us some scoop on his passion project, the audio docuseries The Psychology of Entrepreneurship. You’re not going to want to miss this one.

In this episode:
  • Ronsley’s story of starting and naming Amplify
  • Why starting a podcast came easy for him
  • The whirlwind of Bond Appetit
  • What sparked We Are Podcast
  • Why Ronsley was surprised people wanted to hear his voice
  • The difference between being fearless and courageous
  • Two things putting your voice out there gives you the ability to do
  • This episode’s Fatal Conveniences™ topic:  Being Dishonest

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1 Comment
  • Jane Dulaney
    Posted at 01:38h, 27 August

    I was thinking to myself today, before I wandered across this podcast, I needed to be more honest with myself.
    And so …. the message is LOUD and CLEAR!
    Well put and well received!

    Makes me really curious what branch of meditation you practice and your method of study to support it.

    Thank you for being a Warrior!

    Kindest regards,