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Window Cleaner | Fatal Conveniences™

Window Cleaner | Fatal Conveniences™

Windex has been a household name for decades. People use those bright blue glass cleaner sprays to keep their windows and mirrors streak-free. But that fumey chemical smell should be a warning sign of all the toxic ingredients in a bottle of window cleaner. There’s got to be a better way!

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We’ve all seen those commercials, right? A poor bird flies right into a sliding glass door because it’s just so sparkling clean and crystal clear. While the Windex marketing department may be really good at their job, it’s time to ditch those neon blue glass cleaners. You don’t need them as much as they want you to think you do.

Is Windex toxic?

I’ll break down all the toxic ingredients in commercial window cleaner– and there’s A LOT! We’ll go through the health risks of each toxin, and the scary symptoms they may bring on. Listen, no one likes grimy windows or mirrors. But you don’t need that smelly blue chemical cocktail to clean them. I’ll tell you how to make window cleaner from a couple, safe natural ingredients you probably already have at home. I hope you share this one with everyone you know, guys. This is an easy fix. Just stop buying window cleaner!


[00:02:05] A brief history of glass cleaner

[00:04:15] The obsession with Windex

[00:05:45] Long list of toxic ingredients

[00:12:00] Green window cleaners

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