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Fatty15 is a science-backed, award-winning, vegan-friendly and pure C15 supplement. By replenishing our cells with that essential C15:0 nutrient, fatty15 effectively repairs our cells – and restores our long-term health. Go, science. 

  • Fatty15 has 3x more cellular benefits than omega-3 or fish oil.
  • Fatty15 is made from a patented, pure, and oxidation-resistant C15 powder derived from plants–it’s vegan-friendly, free of flavors, fillers, allergens or preservatives. C15 is the ONLY ingredient in Fatty15. 100% pure. 
  • Omega-3 fish oil supplements often go bad before they even leave the bottle, resulting in supplements that don’t improve your health. Fatty15 naturally protects against damaging oxidation, both in the bottle and your body.
  • C15 works in multiple ways: It repairs age-related damage to cells, protects them from future breakdown, boosts mitochondrial energy output, and activates pathways in the body that help regulate our sleep, mood, and natural repair mechanisms that support our overall health..
  • This functionality leads to a myriad of exciting benefits now and as we get older, namely improved metabolic, liver and heart health, smoother-functioning joints, deeper sleep, and healthier hair, skin and nails. Now, that’s essential.
  • It comes in a gorgeous reusable glass/bamboo jar, and refill capsules are shipped to your door quarterly in pouches made from recycled materials.
Fatty15 is on a mission to replenish your C15 levels and restore your long-term health. You can get an additional 15% off their 90-day subscription Starter Kit by going to and using code DARIN at checkout
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