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Super Nut of the Savana

Discover the healthiest nuts in the world Not long ago I was traveling through a remote area of South America when I came across this nut known to the indigenous tribes for millennia, but virtually unheard of anywhere else.As a global superfood hunter for over 15 years, I’m convinced that Barùkas® nuts are the healthiest nuts on the planet; literally a mini-cocktail of hard to find micronutrients and vegan protein.

Barùkas nuts have more fiber than any other nut. And it’s simply amazing how many healthy micronutrients are in each bite.

I get so excited about their superfood qualities that sometimes I forget to mention the delicious taste and the crunch. Of course you have to try them to see for yourself.


Real Solutions for a new world

GREENPATH™ offers a suite of advanced green products that utilize nanotechnology to create an entirely new surface that cannot be felt or seen by the human eye. This layer, drying in seconds, creates an immediate defense against all pathogens, including the coronavirus.

  • FDA Registered, EPA Certified: We care about keeping our customers safe!
  • Tested & Proven: Testing started 15 years ago in surgical environments through the founding doctor and his medical colleagues