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Strawberry Goldenberry Smoothie

Strawberry Goldenberry Smoothie

This goldenberry smoothie pairs the tartness of goldenberries with the sweetness of strawberries. In the end it is a lot like strawberry lemonade – without the lemons! This simple, yet nutritiously dense combo of goldenberries and strawberries will detox your body with almost 130% of your daily requirements for Vitamin C, a whopping 22 grams of fiber that feeds good gut bacteria and keeps digestion moving, as well as 10+ grams of protein to keep you energized and plenty of potassium for heart health!



(Note: Use organic if possible)

Serves 2

½ cup goldenberries + 1 cup distilled or reverse osmosis pure waterSoak Goldenberries

1 cup frozen strawberries (creates a thicker base)

1 cup frozen spinach or 2-3 cups fresh

½ cup fresh or frozen coconut meat (I use frozen for a colder, thicker smoothie)

½ cup coconut milk


If you have  the time, soak goldenberries in water for 10 to 20 minutes, then pour the berries and the soaking water into the blender (this recipe can be made without soaking the goldenberries, it just makes them plumper and softer). Pour the goldenberries (with soaking water if you soaked them) and coconut milk into your blender.  Add strawberries, spinach, and coconut meat. Blend until smooth. If using fresh coconut meat and spinach instead of frozen, add 3-6 ice cubes for a thicker, cooler smoothie. Enjoy the refreshing, tart flavor!

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