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Restoring Balance With Infrared Technology | Rob Besner

Restoring Balance With Infrared Technology | Rob Besner

In our modern society, we’ve become disconnected from nature. What if we could use infrared technology to help restore balance and bring healing?


Rob Besner wanted to find a way to heal his daughter. What he found could heal us all.

As the Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer of Therasage, Rob Besner, PSc.D, is a health and wellness advocate. Rob has many years of education and training under his belt, but it wasn’t until his teenage daughter fell ill that he found his true calling. After she was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, Rob began a mission to find an alternative, holistic approach to her treatment.decorative image with the quote Infrared is an extraction of sunlight. Most natural healers will say it’s the most beneficial part of sunlight. by Rob Besner

Once he discovered the natural healing effects of Infrared frequencies, he began to develop specialized devices and applications to use this technology to help his daughter. The almost immediate positive results compelled Rob to share his discoveries with as many people as he could. That’s when Therasage was born, which is now recognized as the leader in integrated Infrared technology.

In this episode, Rob breaks down the amazing science behind Therasage’s powerful devices. I own several, and depend on them to restore balance in my day-to-day life. I promise this isn’t a commercial for infrared products. I just really want you to understand how the modern world “smog” affects our bodies on a molecular level. Infrared tech has the power to heal the body naturally, and Rob is the perfect guy to explain how.

  • Rob’s backstory
  • How his daughter’s Lyme Disease diagnosis changed everything
  • The power of sunlight
  • Infrared technology and its role in healing
  • Mitochondrial stress
  • Harmonizing your frequency

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Episode Transcript

Darin: You are listening to the Darin Olien Show. I’m Darin. I spent the last 15 years exploring the planet looking for healthy foods, superfoods, environmental solutions, and I’ve had my mind blown along the way by the people, the far off places I have been, and the life-altering events that have changed my life forever. My goal is to help you dive deep into some of the issues of our modern-day life, society’s fatal conveniences. The things that we do that we’re indoctrinated into thinking we have to, even though those things are negatively affecting us, and in some cases, slowly destroying us and even killing us. Every week, I have honest conversations with people that inspire me. My hope is through their knowledge and unique perspectives they’ll inspire you too. Together, we’ll explore how you can make small tweaks in your life that amount to big changes for you, the people around you and the planet, so let’s do this. This is my show, the Darin Olien Show.

Darin: Hey, everybody, welcome to the show. This is the Darin Olien Show. This is The Darin Olien Show. I appreciate your time, your attention, and your contribution to being a better person because I know at the core, we all are trying to be better people. We’re trying to be more fulfilled, live on purpose, be happy, provide for ourselves, for our children, for our family, for our friends. And it is something that I believe so powerfully that when we get hit with challenges, adversity, the world of doing things that we don’t agree with, that we have silence, a stillness, and a power within us. You can name it whatever you want, but our heart, our soul, our spiritual unshakable side of ourselves that is there, the witness to it all because this is the world today. There are so many changes. There are so many crazy choices that are being done that you don’t have control over. But the one thing that you have control over is how you respond, who you want to be, how you want to be in the world. So I just want to say that. Thank you for tuning in. I have an incredible friend and guest, Robby Besner. I’ve known him for several years. So Robby has just been a constant, powerful human dedicated to helping people live better. And he is the co-founder and chief science officer of Therasage. So Robbie has been creating new and inventive Therasage products for a long time. I use them I took them on the road for Down To Earth. They’re a game-changer because I had this really intense, debilitating, pinched nerve in my neck encroached upon by my disc shooting pain down my arm. So I used his heating pad neck heating pad with his infrared technology. Robby is just such an amazing human, nonstop, keeps going, and is such a warm person to be at the helm of creating some of the greatest technology to help us. He graduated from Case Western Medical School and Holistic Medicine. And his pre-med, he graduated from Boston University. His teenage daughter, which was diagnosed with Lyme disease, which really began his mission and we get into that and unpack that. So you really get to hear about this incredible company that keeps things affordable, that is effective. So we really had an amazing time. His education goes on, the professor of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Society’s, annual contributor at the World Committee of Infrared, a member of the educational committee and prestigious Hippocrates Health Institute, and he’s been presenting all over the place in integrative medicine, anti-aging health conferences, and again, a good friend. This is an incredible human so enjoy this conversation and enjoy my good friend, Robby Besner.

Darin: I’m stoked to talk to you as a friend. I’m stoked to have you as an entrepreneur person and someone who’s dedicated to health and wellness and been on that path for a long time. So dude, welcome to the show. I was reading a little bit about your background, and I want to have people have a context of this. Why don’t you just give the context because I think that’s a powerful story and your background is a powerful story as it relates to being an expert in creating some of the greatest kind of electromagnetic energy devices in the world.

Robby: I guess in an earlier age, as most people come, they’re just trying to find their purpose or their bliss. And I think for me, it was just feeling the organic, going with the flow, Darin. I guess it’s kind of the best way to put it. I wouldn’t be engaged and attracted to something like in undergraduate, it was “Do I go to law school, dental school, medical school?” and I actually did a little rabbinical track, and I was also interested in psychology. And when I was an undergrad, which was in the ’70s. I went to Boston University undergraduate, and there was more like just expose yourself to as many things as you can to try to feel were organically fit. And I managed to negotiate through all of that and that brought me to health science postgraduate work. And growing up on Long Island in New York, I found myself on this med track. I get to graduate school and delve in deep in Case Western Reserve in Cleveland. And at that time, I was working with a very famous coroner who was the coroner that worked on Kennedy and–

Darin: Was it Robert Kennedy or–

Robby: No, JFK. And the other big one was Sam Shepard. That was like the whole fugitive series on TV, it was written about that guy. So this guy was a celebrity. And interestingly enough, again, you know, understand my orientation going up, there were two things that I gave up. In the first six months of that track, it was wearing Cologne, the one I like, my favorite Cologne, then it was Aramis. It’s called Aramis. And Aramis, to me, smelled just like formaldehyde, which was a very strong scent that forbade it through the autopsy lab and so forth. The other thing I gave up was meat. I became a vegetarian. And that track took me about 15-18 years of just being– not pure vegetarian, but not eating animal protein and so forth, and that shifted me. And so it really started me in stages of embracing alternative ways of looking at things. After about a year of that, and I just did the whole allopathic track, didn’t resonate for me. And I told my parents, I took a leave of absence from school to pursue other things, which probably broke my mother’s heart, you know, my son, the doctor. And that brought me to following actually a whole nother track, which had more to do with engineering and also business, actual financial businesses, which I was almost a 20 year run for me on that whole piece. And I met my wife, Melody during that run, early in the run. We had a couple of kids. That was in the Midwest, we were living in Chicago. And then from there, I sort of built a business, sold the business, reinvented myself in business a few times, and just sort of fluid, I guess, is the best way to put it. So I was able to educate, receive, follow my heart as to how, I guess, my destiny would move forward, you know, all those energies. The last leg of reinventing, we decided to relocate. Melody and I decided to relocate down to South Florida where she grew up. And that was mostly because my parents were already doing the Snowbird thing going from Florida to New York to Florida back and Melody’s family is from Florida and my kids were five and one or six in one or something like that at the time. And so I didn’t want my kids to basically know their grandparents from pictures on the refrigerator. And so when we had that choice and we had means, we chose to relocate down to Florida. And what I did then was I baited three hooks. The three hooks were import and export, healthcare, and entertainment. That’s what I assimilated from being in South Florida at that moment in time. And I just baited the hooks, throw them in the water and whatever fish came in the boat was the direction I was going, which turns out to be healthcare. And at that point, Melody and I formed a business, which was the first virtual medical billing, consulting, and regulatory business in the US. The business that we developed actually folded right into all the paramedical businesses that were offsprings from the whole dismantling of the hospitalization program as we know it, and we became experts with that. Towards the middle third quarter of that game, my daughter was in her teens, and she contracted Lyme disease. And that really shifted me again because I had this medical skill set, I had the business skillset, we had means and now my daughter gets sick. So as a parent, basically, you always want to take the bullet for your child. And because she got diagnosed with Lyme and Lyme 22 years ago with someone in its infancy, I took a very proactive position as to what Lyme was about. I looked at her symptoms, and I decided and for some reason, I centered on toxicity. And her main three main symptoms were inflammation, toxicity, and muscle because she had some cognitive challenges, but muscle pain and so forth. And so, toxicity and inflammation travel on the same highway. And so if I could come up with an efficient way to detoxify, then I knew that I could lower her symptom thresholds, which also, pain also travels in that road or on that road.

Darin: What was the toxicity?

Robby: We didn’t have as many environmental toxins as we had then 22 years ago, what she was toxic from was the part of the byproducts of Lyme disease and the co-infections in bacterias that follow in the families is what all parasites and microorganisms do. They’re perfect machines or perfect organisms. They basically find a host cell or they find a host, which is our bodies. And then they feed, so they drain your body resource, whatever that might be. They multiply or replicate. And they basically poop, and the poop is a toxin. In terms of Lyme, if you do anything, and we had a really probably considered the best Lyme-literate doctor on the planet then and even now as her doctor. But you know, if he was successful at attacking her underlying challenge or imbalance in her body, then he was killing Lyme, creating biofilms, and also generating a whole toxic burden. And what I’ve come to understand which many Lyme-literate doctors and infectious disease doctors don’t quite wrap their head around because their visions are somewhat myopic, for one reason or another, is that the main reason why a Lyme patient is symptomatic is because of their toxic levels in their body. And if you can lower their toxic burden, then it gives them part of their life back. And it also gives the practitioner a whole bunch of time to try to attack the source of whatever the underlying challenge is. But, you know, maybe it’s just the western approach or to medicine or the allopathic approach, I’m not quite sure. That’s why I kind of like the functional integrated guys because they actually fix people and they kind of go off the road in terms of gathering all their skill sets to really serve the patient, is an allopathic track because of their credentialing. They’re just sort of dictated or mandated what they can prescribe and what they can’t. And if they’re true and are sort of religious to their real estate, which is their credential, then they don’t really do the best for the patient in a way. And so I was freed of all that because I didn’t have a credential that I had to worry about getting torn out from underneath me. I had means to be able to investigate what direction would really best serve my daughter. And what I found myself centered on and what I found was that was again, I was focusing on the best methods to detox and then there were chelation methods, there was dialysis that was more invasive. But I found that there are certain frequencies of sign frequencies, which are the infrared spectrum that actually will decouple the covalent bonds and sort of mobilize all the toxins in your body. And that’s really what my end game was. And so now, I thought that I found like the holy grail but the little that I know, again, in 22 years ago, infrared was just being used by sports medicine doctors to help players heal faster and lower the pain thresholds. So that intrigued me a little bit but it did still present the problem as to at that point in time there weren’t any infrared products or devices available for mainstream to buy. So that brought my inventing side of me and engineering side into play. And at that point, I was just saying, okay, if I could do what I want to do, what would that look like? What would that vision look like? At that point, I interviewed so I started to scope out 65 different factories in China and planning the trip. And I went over for about two months and visited all the factories to choose of three and then centered on one that I wanted to start my interaction with. So I would do all of the inventing manifestations of the device. I would send it to them, they would build a device, and then I’d bring it back. And then I would be testing that on myself first, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, I’m sure you can appreciate that life, and then and then further into my daughter. And then what was happening was she was getting some real results. The doctors that she was surrounded by at that point, she had a team, really took notice of that.

Darin: And what did that look like? What were those devices? How big were they? What were they doing? What was that like? And what was the first point where you said, what I just created now just came back from China, and now we’re using this on my daughter, and now she’s getting results? That’s fascinating how that all happened.

Robby: Well, the genesis of Therasage, the company, was really had two purposes then: to develop devices to help my daughter, position me into the medical community and in the flow of Lyme-literate doctors and research, and hopefully either meet a doctor that was on something that would trigger within me another inspiration, again, self-servingly to go back to my daughter to help her help herself. So that was really the construct of Therasage, the company, then and even now. I mean, it’s sort of something that’s an underlying pillar of our psychology. What did it look like? The very first device I developed was something that became extinct. It’s probably one of the most therapeutic devices, one of the most therapeutic ones I’ve ever developed. It was a computerized massage bed. It had jade rollers that went back and forth, and infrared strips underneath like a runway, but the infrared came up into the belly of the bed. The Jade rollers was collected that energy, and then the rollers would kind of roll underneath your back, and that would realign your spine. So it gives you better connection from the brain through all of your neurological pathways. So it was sort of like a composite or combination of all those things. It was an idea inspired, but I did see something that was similar. I just sort of retooled it and made a better mousetrap. And that was really the first thing I brought in. And then in the process of working with it. I coined a phrase like, getting on that massage bed and getting this therapy, which I did every morning was the best 30 minutes of my day. So if you could, how would you define the best 30 minutes of your day? It’s kind of an interesting concept. And if I said you, Darin, give me an hour, I just need an hour out of your day every day to just give you a formula that’s going to benefit you and 10x you in so many ways. It might be hard for you, given how busy or how full your day is for me to actually ask you to carve out that much time. But 30 minutes, I mean, you could probably find 30 minutes somewhere. If you saw the benefit on the other side. So I started sort of tripping on that concept of the best 30 minutes, like how could you utilize your time to actually get the best benefit and that sort of pirouette it into dissecting this infrared massage bed into the infrared component and how powerful that was. And then I delve really deep into the science behind the light frequencies, how they affect your body, they influence the things that you do and really shift your physiology to build a healthy platform.

Darin: Many of you who follow me know I’ve spent most of my life searching for the healthiest foods on the planet from the Amazon jungle to the Andes of Peru, to the Himalayas and Bhutan, to the deserts of Africa, and everything in between discovering hundreds of plants and herbs and superfoods like this is my passion. Things like sacha inch, an Incan treasure, wild [unintelligible 00:31:41] mushrooms, things like Maya nuts, another Aztec superfood, wild cocoa moringa, many adaptogenic herbs and on and on and on. If you look hard enough, there are a few unknown extraordinary foods around the world that people still don’t know about. And a few years ago, I came across my favorite superfood discovery of all time, barukas nuts. Why is that my favorite? Well, when I first tasted them, my eyes lit up. I was blown away. They’re so delicious with notes of popcorn and cocoa and chocolate with peanut butter, and with this amazing crunch, so the taste alone just absolutely blew me away. But after sending them to the lab, which I do, and getting all the tests, I realized they’re the healthiest nuts on the planet. No other nut even compares. They have an unusually high amount of fiber, which is critical for healthy digestion. We’re all getting way too low of fiber in our diet and it’s good for the healthy bacteria and microbiome. And they’re off the charts in super high antioxidants, and have few calories than any other nut. It’s jam-packed with micronutrients. And what they don’t have is just as important as what they do have because they’re found in the forest in the savanna what’s called the Cerrado biome of Brazil, not grown on a plantation or a farm. They’re untouched by industrial pesticides, larvicides, fertilizers. They’re truly a wild food. But they’re not just good for you, they’re really good for the planet. Most other nuts require millions of gallons of irrigated water, not to mention, using bees and shipping them across the United States and just horrible sustainable practices just to grow certain nuts annually, but Baruka trees require no artificial irrigation. At one time, the Cerrado’s forest were made up of millions of these trees. These trees are incredible. They’re nitrogen fixers. They give back to the other plants in the forest. Their grandfather of sacred trees, but most of them were chopped down to make way for cattle, soy, and corn production. When you’re down in Brazil, it can be absolutely shocking. And actually, I’ve cried several times with miles and miles of deforested land filled with soy farms. This beautiful Savanna filled with soy farms and cattle grazing. Our mission is to reverse that. And the long term goal is to plant 20 million new baruzeiro trees throughout the Cerrado. And if that wasn’t enough, we are also providing highly beneficial and fair jobs for thousands of indigenous people so they can stay on their land and they can thrive with this consistent income every year forging and working with Barukas. Barukas are truly good for you, good for the planet, and good for the world community. It’s a win all the way around. I really think you’ll love them, so I’m giving all of my listeners 15% off by going to That’s B-A-R-U-K-A-S dot com backslash Darin, D-A-R-I-N and using the code “Darin” at the checkout. I know you will enjoy.

Darin: Talk to me about infrared, break that down, give people a context of why sitting on– because everyone knows a heating pad. Hey, it feels good, heat, cold months, blobo of warm, nurturing women. I haven’t met a woman who doesn’t love a warm pad when they’re in their menstruation flow, but there are massive differences between regular dirty electronics and heating pads and everything else to infrared. So break down infrared as if everyone’s listening to this and never have heard it ever.

Robby: Okay. So, infrared is an extraction of sunlight. And many of the natural healers out there will say it’s actually the most beneficial part of sunlight. And so going from left to right, you start with the gamma rays, which are very harmful for life on the planet to the most benign, which are radio waves. And that’s sort of the full spectrum of electromagnetic fields coming from the sun. So again, I’m going to keep referencing the pillars behind everything we do because I study ancient cultures and I study nature. And so I have certain theories that I embed in each thing that we do. And so part of the part of my underlying principles is that life on the planet today, especially in urban societies, is very advanced in many ways, but also has set back a lot because of the process of the advancement. We really departed from the way nature intended us to be. We don’t touch the earth anymore. We’re surrounded with exogenous frequencies like 5G. And all of these different conflicts, really, it’s like one step forward, three steps back. And so what I tried to embed and still incorporate, infuse in everything we make is that back to nature, that bringing us back and grounding us to the planet. And so what we did, and really what we’re specialists in terms of energy medicine is harnessing full spectrum infrared frequencies. And so each of the three wavelengths and it’s broken down into three, the near frequencies, the mid, and the far frequencies. And 15 to 20 years ago, mostly the infrared area of the world and most of the research then was about the far frequencies, the fatter wavelength, the one that dives deep into the body. Maybe it can penetrate between three to four inches, depending on your body makeup or your muscle density like your BMI. And it intrigued me again because in the way that the body, again, it’s primal like air, water, it’s sunlight, these are primal events that really nurture life on the planet as we know it. And so when you pollute the air, when you pollute the water, there are side effects. We’re feeling that now, right? And same thing with sunlight. So all of this stuff just from a heady point of view, intellectual point of view, really, really, it just brought me to a place where I just couldn’t sleep anymore. I was getting manic, like I’d be up day and night doing research and I laughed because I had this tug of war with Melody, which I said don’t bother me. Like she virtually slide my food under the door. I would lock myself in my research area library for days on end just because I was so focused and I didn’t want to be distracted. So I was very gravitated towards the sunlight. I saw the benefits of these frequencies. I started to understand that each of these three wavelengths did different things in the body. The near frequencies, basically, your skin surface to three centimeters deep, and everything about that, like skin healing, improving microcirculation, or the little vessels just on your skin. You know, these are all important things that I knew that the body needed from my medical and physiology studies and biology studies. And so here I am, again, like you said earlier in our discussion, I’m sort of like finding myself recruiting all of these skill sets that I had accumulated all these years. And then I was able to gather them all up, and then put that into my research, my work, and mostly, my main job was to find ways to help my daughter manage her healthcare. And the other thing that the near frequencies do is they produce or they enhance the body’s natural production of nitric oxide. And that, again, each of these components were all bodies of research within themselves. So as after the age of about 28 to 30, or we stopped producing, or we make less nitric oxide. And that’s a natural vasodilator. And the other part that really intrigued me was it triggers your hemoglobin in your blood cells to grab more oxygen when you make it available. And so how that translates and you know, you’re very athletic, and so someone that does Burst Training will naturally produce nitric oxide. At the same time, when you’re training, running, biking, whatever you’re doing, you’re going to be breathing at a faster rate and that feeds your muscle. It improves your metabolism. Your metabolism or your blood flow brings more healing properties, food and nutrition to your muscle, and it also brings oxygen. And so that combination, physiological combination was super important. So after the age 30, we make less of it, which means that we suffer from oxidative stress, which is probably the number one reason why we age is the lack of our body’s ability or blood’s ability to hold on to oxygen. So wow, light frequencies can enhance your blood’s ability to hold on to oxygen, that’s revelating to me. The other thing was the mitochondria piece. And now we’re seeing that these days people are just suffering from mitochondrial stress. And so again, the neo frequencies support cell energy, like how more primal can that be, and supporting ATP and ADP. I mean, wow, that’s a big one. In the sauna world, there are two kinds of saunas. There are like the steam saunas or steam rooms, there are the hot rock saunas, and then there’s the infrared sauna. Hot rock and steam rooms are what’s called convection heat, which means the element heats up the ambient air that touches your skin, and then your skin gets elevated temperature, and then some of that heat permeates into the body. There’s a thin layer of fat under your skin that insulates your insides from extreme heat or cold. And so that’s how that works. Once you turn off the steam room or turn off the hot rock sauna, then the therapy is done, and there’s nothing else after that, but you do get to sweat and sweating is a very efficient way to get toxins out. So I did acknowledge that. But infrared frequencies work differently because it’s a radiant or a wavelength, an extraction of sunlight, it doesn’t heat the ambient air. It goes right into your body because it harmonizes the frequency in the same frequency as the water inside your body. So again, another revelation for me. And I was fortunate because I had a chance to have a private audience with Dr. Joe Pollack, who wrote The Fourth Phase of Water and got in his whole structured water thing. And when I read his book, when he released that, I was like glued to that book. So you can relate the nerd side of me. I got to this section where he’s talking about light frequencies and how it restructures the water inside of you and again, another revelation that when you get in my sauna, you use the healing pads and actually restructuring the water inside of you, which is improving cell communication, hence, improving the platform of primary health. So I know my stuff works, you know my stuff works but the big search for me is the micro reasons of why my stuff works. And so, then I got a chance to meet some pretty significant players in healthcare like Jared Pollack, like the guy that invented ASEA and understood that what we’re doing is creating redox molecule regeneration, it’s another thing that the infrared frequencies do. And again, these are all things that contribute to oxidative stress, aging, and the reasons why our immune systems are suppressed. It’s really becoming a lot more prevalent now because of the amount of sickness and the trends that are going on and all the major health areas of healthcare, the negative trends in healthcare is what I mean to say.

Darin: I mean, and so think about that, science has gone back that far, and people like you the Renegades that needed it for your child, you figured out these technologies. And the thing that I love about you is you continue to invent. Dude, I was looking for red lights. I was looking for that, I was and I looked at a couple of these companies and they were sold out and they’re too big. And I was like, shit, I’m gonna be stuck inside. And then I looked at your website, and I had a little chat with you, I was like, what you have red lights too now? So it’s like you keep inventing. By the way, I have your little ozone creator with me too. So, I mean, I’m not even trying to promote your stuff, I just want your stuff. So that’s the cool thing. So unpack that, because red light now is also becoming a necessary mitochondrial collagen, energy production producing side of the light therapy too and the frequency therapy. So, unpack that a little bit for everyone listening.

Robby: Okay. So again, back to theory. I kind of looked at that whole industry, the way it was going, and there seems to be a range between the near frequency producers of development of devices and the far. So we took the full spectrum approach, which was just gathering all the frequencies the way nature delivered them to the planet and to all life beings. When I looked at the near frequency spectrum part of it, many of the new companies coming out or expressing it in LEDs, light-emitting diodes. I took a look at what they were doing. So I looked at the science, again, back to the engineering piece, and I thought, why does the diode have to be monochromatic? It was just a choice that they took, like Dolby versus Betamax, or whatever that was back then, you know? And so the industry just chose to make it monochromatic. But from an engineering point of view, there’s no reason why you can’t have a diode that has more than one frequency and it’s just a matter of an engineering feat. So I thought through that, and I said, If I could pick three of my favorite frequencies that could revive your body, and put that into a diode or a light-emitting diode, or source of light frequency or photon energy, what would that look like? And that’s where I came up with the tri-lite panel, which is what I sent to you, what you’re using. So every diode has three cherry-pick frequencies and they are read a near to near frequencies. And my initial goal was to add that to our Infrared Sauna to shift the sort of the cocktail that I created inside that full-spectrum, putting a little bit more weight on the near side of the spectrum for all the above reasons that we just covered, you know, mitochondrial stuff, nitric oxide, and you know, just what neo frequencies offer. That’s more of a modern approach of where I see the world now and where I think it’s going from a toxicity point of view, and also what I’m seeing in clinic. So the tri-lite system is just another invention. It’s an emitting light diode that has three frequencies in them. So I can deliver three times the amount of photon energy that a single light bulb or LED can offer. And when it’s powered properly, it offers enough jewels. So I’m actually generating enough photons or light energy so it can penetrate your skin and actually get into the cell and do the job that it’s supposed to do without all of the other detriments which some of the other people that are in the space, they put together monochromatic bulbs, arrays of them, so one strand will be 600, one will be 850s. And that’s how they created their cocktail, nothing wrong with it. But in order for them to be able to sell that, they have to have it powered with a fan behind to keep the diodes cool. And that fan throws off very high levels of EMF, electromagnetic frequencies, which is in conflict with the body trying to receive the light energy. So if we dial back 8,000 years ago, we didn’t have the conflict because we didn’t have EMF. We were out in the fields, you know, forest thing and out all day and so forth so we’re getting a lot of sunlight. Probably your biggest fear was being eaten by an animal bigger than you or being killed by [00:34:56] not cancer and a whole bunch of the health challenges that we’re seeing now in infectious disease, it’s a different planet. And so I really just invented the tri-lite system for the sauna to change the cocktail in there. And mostly to bring this new invention to an iteration to our community and keep dialing it up, like you say, I am not complacent in what I do. We are a family-owned business, it’s just Melody and I. And I don’t need a board of directors to decide to do research and decide what I want to incorporate. And in many ways, like we’re doing imprinting and frequencies now into our materials. And so in many ways, we are very far ahead of where I believe people can really wrap their head around the things that we’re doing. And I do it, I don’t ask for it, I don’t charge anything more for it. I just do it because it’s the right thing to do to help people manage and negotiate through the environment these days.

Darin: So for years, maybe most of my life, people have been asking me, “What kind of foods do you eat? What kind of exercises do you do? What kind of water should I drink?” All of these things and so much more we put into a 21-day program so that can take you through a theme every day of knowledge, action, and then eating these delicious meals, working out, getting support, anchoring in these new habits so you can do what? So that you can kick ass. So you have the energy, the vitality to live the kind of life that you really want. That’s what it’s all about. So all in this app, we have grocery lists, we have education about real hydration and what greater oxygenation and the balance of alkalinization. All of these things we are diving into as you’re heading down this hero’s journey of implementation into a new life to give you the kind of life that you actually want. So join my Tribe. All you have to do is go Sign up, and you get three free days. Join me on this hero’s journey. Join the Tribe.

Darin: I want people to go on your website because I’m a nerd when it comes to this stuff. I mean, when you have a little generator, it’s blowing oxygen in my face. I just love it, and negative ions, I love it. When I can sit on a pad and I feel nurtured and when I can have those red lights around me knowing that I can’t go outside or know that I am on some big phone calls and too many zoom calls, you can do a lot to help nurture your body. But one thing is I see some of these red lights and how are anyone supposed to afford that stuff? And you’ve always been someone that has had success in many of these spaces, and you’ve never charged these huge amounts of costs for people and anyone can afford. I mean, you’re go-in sauna, that sauna which I love, you go in, your head sticks out, you can stick your hands out but it’s 800 bucks. Like you can’t find that anywhere. These little light pads, it’s so affordable that the first people would be like, why are all these so expensive and Robby’s working his ass off to invent these things so that they are affordable so they can affect, again, the lives of people that really need it. Your tenets of your business model is so powerful.

Robby: Thank you. I appreciate that. Again, it’s just another little thing, notice what you notice, right Darin? And when we were saddled with sometimes Julia’s medical bills, a month was excess of $25,000 or $30,000. And you see that in America, like people that run into health care crisis, we’re going into it right now with the pandemic. Economically, they may never recover, really, because if their insurance didn’t carry it, then where are they? They’re just sitting in a really bad spot. And so because we’re completely passionate to the Lyme community, among other things, but that’s sort of the genesis of things, we experienced that personally. And so for us once again another pillar is to keep the cost affordable, and we get a lot of pushback from the medical community, charge more, Robby. We want to make more commissions, charge more. And we go, no, it’s not about that. It’s about getting this system, this technology is harnessing nature, getting it into people’s homes, integrating into their lives, so that they have half a chance of fulfilling their dreams, following their bliss, like being on the planet and not getting sucked into that sort of medical model where they sometimes never come out of. And so having all of that life experience and now trying my best to stay ahead of the curve, both in inventions and technology, but also give back to everyone that really deserves to have the life that they were meant to have. From a physical point of view, it really went behind the eight ball because you lose your health, then as you know, it really sets you back, not just economically, but also following your dreams and fulfilling your dreams in many ways. So we’re just trying to kind of reverse that spin. And actually, another principle is the one about grounding. And it’s so important. I know you feel it. You’ve always, even the day I met you, you weren’t wearing shoes. I mean, the only reason why you met us on the ATV was because we were in a car and you had to get us negotiate through the road to your place, but you would have been barefoot and as you were for the rest of the day when we were together. And I appreciate that, but if you translate that to the way we live now in modern worlds, if you’re not in Bali on the island somewhere, you know, you’re basically not touching the earth anymore. We’re not grounded, we’re not getting that charge in us to balance out our energetics. And so we infuse that earthing effect in the gemstones and the different materials that we infuse into the products we make, and also we electrically ground them and we electrically remediate from electromagnetic fields. And now the big one that’s soon to come is the dirty electricity, the extreme low frequencies that change your body voltage. And so we’re remediating and doing all that stuff because it’s the right thing to do. And then the world would catch up to us at one point, I think.

Darin: Let’s unpack as a final kind of thing because you have so many technologies we could just nerd out on all of that stuff and that’s why I want people to check out therasage.come because it’s so incredible, all of the technologies. But the one thing that I am a big proponent of to is the EMF, the 5G, the routers, like I have a Faraday cage around my router. I have tried out other devices, I now, again, this isn’t even, I’m not even trying, I’m sitting here with your energy generator scrambler, dirty electricity plugged into this. So it’s now protecting my entire apartment. So break open that a little bit. What is that? What is it doing? How is it helping from the dirty pollution of what we can’t see from 5G to routers to everything else. Break that down for me.

Robby: So basically, it came to me in a dream. And the dream really wasn’t prognosticating that the cellphone industry would blow up and it had. But 15 years ago, I just have this notion if there was a conflict between the way the body field and energy, the biofield accepts exogenous frequencies, man-made frequencies, anything that is battery operated or plugs into an AC outlet, alternating current outlet. If there’s a conflict with the frequencies that come from those devices and your body’s ability to receive the natural healing frequencies from the infrared, full-spectrum infrared devices we make, I wanted to somehow mitigate that. And so not knowing exactly the danger of EMF per se, I just said, let me figure out a way to remediate that part and take that equation off the table and then the body just receives the nature sun frequencies in a format that you can integrate it into your lifestyle, the sort of underlying principle. And so back then what I taught myself to learn how to do was how to block and shield an EMF, electromagnetic frequency. Now the challenge with that is that it’s always reactive. Meaning, that by the time I developed and dialed in my 3G fix because the money isn’t developing a faster network or better or faster way to game and download and all that stuff, the money is there so that by the time I got integrated in 3G, they came out with 4G. And by the time I got to 4G, they come out with 5 as they have now. And so my latest hope is actually working on what’s called harmonizing or using frequencies that can actually support your own body field like your shield. And we all have those shields around us. And we’re lucky as an adult if our shields can go as far as the reach in our hands, maybe 3 feet. As a child, your biofield can go out almost 600 feet. And we use heart rate variability and muscle testing and blood analysis to be able to actually prove the way that your body responds. I started researching harmonizing because when you’re harmonizing, you build your shield, and then it really doesn’t matter whether you’re in a room full of computers, whether it’s 5G, 10G, 7G, it doesn’t really matter because I’m supporting your field. And what these exogenous frequencies do is they collapse your field and eventually start to wear on your immune system that suppresses that. And then your pathogens and maybe genetic [00:45:37] come out. So, currently, we are doing harmonizing, blocking, and shielding. We’re using all those 3 technologies in all of our devices we make. And so we’re actually keeping current with whatever is out there, today it’s 5G. But we’re also building your biofield and the frequencies we’re imprinting in our holograms, the stickers that we embed in our devices. The one that I sent you that you’re using for the apartment will generate a field that’s 2,000 feet, like a whole floor. It is plain. It does work on one plain only so if you have a second level, you’d need a second one for that level. But they’re inexpensive and really what they’re doing is sending out a frequency to support your field. So now, the ones we do for the sauna generates a frequency that’s about 3 meters or around 9 feet, this little bubble around you. And again, it’s just supporting your own body energy or body battery bouncing out your energetics. And so you are the best expression of yourself.

Darin: Just to summarize for people, it’s like think of it as pollution. If we could see the pollution, it would be smog coming in. And let’s give smog the idea of smog from our electronics. And that smog is everywhere. We know that if we had smog in this apartment, it wouldn’t be good for me, like I would be breathing it in, it would affect me. And over time, not that long, it would really break me down. I would eventually just be wiped out. So it’s the same with the frequencies, it’s the same with the dirty pollution of these frequencies. And so these devices create harmonizing frequencies to basically create that strength with the body. My body’s gonna harmonize with the frequency that is beneficial to it so it’s gonna strengthen me and that field. It’s also keeping away or keeping out or keeping balanced that smog from coming in, that pollution, that electromagnetic stuff so that I stay strong. So it’s like this barrier, this unseen electrical dance that we’re creating here. And it’s hard for people to fully understand what kind of world we’re in because we don’t see it.

Robby: That actually was my challenge when I started this. When I got on stage and brought this to the medical community, basically, you can’t smell it, taste it, hear it, you can’t see it so it doesn’t really exist. And now they actually do blood studies and we have done studies and interestingly enough, Dietrich Klinghardt, in the Pacific Northwest, did a blood study where he looked at 100 patients and the rural areas of that part of the country and the urban areas. And being that they’re drinking the same food, breathing the same air, and eating the same food, and drinking the same water, the only real difference is where the concentration of the cell towers in the city versus the rural areas. But when you looked at the blood of these patients, you saw that they were between 80 and 85 times greater amounts of microtoxins, which is the byproduct of these little microbes, these little bugs inside of us that make up our microbiome, they were activated by these frequencies, which isn’t necessarily good particularly if you got Lyme disease, you’re activating a Lyme.

Darin: Right. So that bad bacteria got activated and then sort of proliferating and in that proliferation they had waste and waste becomes its own cytotoxin like crazy.

Robby: Yes, or use of your bioresources so your vitamin D levels were depleted and so forth and on and on and on. Again, it’s really about bringing us back to balance because right now there’s an imbalance between our environment, us as humans living in different parts of the world and trying to recreate that. So actually, I love the fact that you were able to bring all these things with you, and this is my world. And actually, Darin, I sit in my private office and I sit on a heating pad, I sleep with my heating pad, I do saunas every day. The Lord knows how many man-made exogenous bad frequencies that were all around even though we can’t feel it, taste, and so forth. Why not surround yourself with the beautiful healing frequencies of nature, earth energy, like sun energy. I mean, this is really I believe the things that are missing in our new modern life.

Darin: Your tenets around health is the same as mine. If you’re not healthy, you can’t dream, you can’t take action on your dream, and you can’t ultimately sit and receive what you can ultimately receive from life if you’re just draggin around this chemistry set that’s failing because of the world that we find ourselves in. So we can create a micro climate change and you’re creating so many of those products that people now have access too, so I’m super grateful for you.

Robby: Thanks, and it means a lot to me. I’m thankful for today and thank you for giving me the opportunity or the forum to get some of this information out. And I think more people just need to know that there are real answers and they’re affordable, they’re real solutions. And it starts with education as you know, just make people aware that these things exist, and so it’s not out of reach. It’s something that you can get the benefit from and you can bring it into your life. And if I can influence you or if I can influence dad, and these kids [00:51:35] themselves after dad, then we’re actually penetrating multigenerations and maybe we’re just gonna reverse some of the not so nice trans that we’re all experiencing these days.

Darin: Amen to that, man. Amen.

Darin: That was a fantastic episode. What was the one thing that you got out of today’s conversation? If today’s episode struck a chord with you, and you want to dive a little deeper on a variety of topics, check out my live deep dives on More episodes are available on as well. Keep diving my friends, keep diving.

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