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4th of July Fireworks, a Patriotic Pollution: Health Risks and Environmental Damage

4th of July Fireworks, a Patriotic Pollution: Health Risks and Environmental Damage

It is no surprise that fireworks have become a tradition every Fourth of July. Every year there are over 14,000 displays across the country BUT my question is, do we really benefit from this other than just a dazzling spectacle?


These fireworks explosions release tiny particles laced with heavy metals that pollute the air we breathe and potentially enter our bloodstream. Still love celebrating freedom?


In this episode, I’ll break down all the different metals that cause those spectacular chemical reactions of different colors, why each one is dangerous for different reasons and more!


But most importantly, I’ll give you some practical, safe ways to celebrate your independence through personal sovereignty– no firecrackers required! Join us and learn how to be part of the solution and transform your celebrations into more sustainable practices.


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