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Accessible Sustainability Through Art & Design | April Nemeth

Accessible Sustainability Through Art & Design | April Nemeth

#62 April Nemeth on Accessible Sustainability Through Art and Design

You shouldn’t have to be rich to implement sustainable practices and products into your everyday life. Companies that make sustainability accessible to all through art, design, and affordability could help change the world.


April Nemeth wants sustainability to be accessible to all.Quote: I want to be very transparent. This is exactly what’s happening. And we’re not just saying it, we’re walking the walk and talking the talk.

Born into a family of creatives, April is an artist, designer, and entrepreneur. She began her work as an artist at a young age and works in a wide variety of mediums. She earned a MA/BFA in Visual Communication Design and a minor in Advertising from Kent State University and continues to use her education in all aspects of her work.

April’s passion for sustainability and humanitarian causes led to the creation of Little Korboose in 2008. This ethical interior design option for conscious consumers helps realize April’s belief that “you don’t have to be rich to live well and clean.” Every modern minimalist home good from Little Korboose is hand-crafted in the USA with Earth and people-friendly materials.

In this episode, April and I discuss the responsibility we both feel to support companies that take responsibility for their practices. She is incredibly passionate about using her business endeavors not only as a creative outlet for herself but for the world. Every decision made is both environmentally and socially conscious. We talk about her new ceramics line and how her artwork has evolved over her career. I love her passion for creating sustainable products with unique art and design, and I think you will too.

Other topics in this episode:
  • Why April is a renegade
  • Being intentional and conscious
  • Waste in the textile industry
  • The truth about recycling
  • Why ceramics
  • Juniper and Stone

Connect with April on social media – @littlekorboose

Little Korboose –

Juniper and Stone –

Video – The Journey Home

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