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Acrylic & Polyester | Fatal Conveniences™

Acrylic & Polyester | Fatal Conveniences™

That fuzzy warm sweater you have on may not be what you think it is. Acrylic fibers resemble and feel like wool, but they are not wool at all. Made from petroleum-based chemicals, acrylic and polyester fabric contains toxins that seep into your skin and the environment. Is comfort really worth your health and the health of our planet?

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Sweaters, blankets, hats, scarves, stuffed animals– what do these popular items have in common? They’re most likely made from acrylic fibers. Acrylic is a man-made, synthetic fiber that, although soft and comfy, is terrible for your body and the environment. Like polyester, acrylic fabrics are cheap, soft, and can be dyed any color of the rainbow. We’ve been so used to using this material, that we barely think twice when seeing it on a label.

In this episode, 

I’ll explain how acrylic and polyester are made. And I’ll go over why products like acrylic yarn, poly-fill, and synthetic materials are dangerous. I’ll break down the history of synthetic fabric and why companies opt for cheap fakes instead of natural fibers. This crap is terrible for the environment, and I’ll explain why. We’ll go over what to check for on labels for clothing or toys, and what to look for instead. So before you stock up on warm fuzzy things for fall and winter, listen to this eye-opening episode.


[00:01:46] What is acrylic?

[00:05:28] Fossil fuel based fibers

[00:07:59] What do acrylic fibers do to the environment?

[00:11:23] The dangers of washing acrylic fabrics

[00:13:15] What to check for in labels

[00:17:45] What chemicals to look out for

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