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Align Your Body & Your Life Through Movement | Aaron Alexander

Align Your Body & Your Life Through Movement | Aaron Alexander

The human body was designed for movement. Movement is essential for facilitating cellular function. And without proper cellular function, you feel sick– in every way possible. Unfortunately, too many of us don’t move our bodies enough during the day. The Align Method is a way to bring more movement back into your life.


Aaron Alexander invented the Align Method so you can move your body.

Not only is Aaron a pioneering manual therapist and movement coach, but he’s also the creator of the Align Method, author of the Align Method book, and host of the Align Podcast. As a therapist and coach, he’s worked with thousands of clients, including some of the world’s greatest pro athletes, performers and celebrities. Everything Aaron does to help relieve pain while creating strength, flexibility, and overall well-being.

The Align Method was created around Aaron’s realization that health does not equal obsessive working out. In fact, overall health involves a balance between movement and alignment with the mind and spirit. Through this method, he simplifies ancient techniques designed to cultivate vitality. Aaron’s movement-based principles are easy to integrate into your regular daily routine and help you create habits to move your body all day long.

As someone obsessed with movement myself,

it was so fun to talk to someone who makes movement his life. The benefits of moving the body are endless! I loved hearing about not only the Align Method, but the way Aaron sees the world, and human behavior. So many of us are so afraid of what other people will think of us that we sacrifice our health and wellness because of fear. Like Aaron says, if something is necessary for your body or mental health, stop being afraid of offending someone! It’s time to normalize movement as much as we normalize sitting at a desk all day. So tune in to this episode to learn all about the Align Method and how Aaron’s tips and advice can help you move your body more and enjoy your life. 


[00:10:45] Understanding the body 

[00:21:26] Lack of movement and the toll it’s taking on human evolution

[00:29:43] Creating an open-door zoo, metaphorically speaking

[00:38:11] What is the Align Method?

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