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Antibacterial Soap | Fatal Conveniences™

Antibacterial Soap | Fatal Conveniences™

We all need to wash our hands– no one is disputing that. Keeping your hands clean helps you avoid viruses, germs, and other nasty stuff. But washing with regular soap is all you really need to be doing. Antibacterial soap is not only unnecessary, it could be killing off more than just germs. And it’s not even proven to be more effective than non-antibacterial soaps!

WELCOME TO Fatal Conveniences™. Fact: Antibacterial soap is not more effective than natural soap

Antibacterial soaps have become all the rage over the last couple of years, especially throughout the pandemic. The FDA banned the use of the dangerous chemical, Triclosan in 2016. Triclosan used to be the active ingredient in antibacterial soaps. However, the ones they replaced it with are not much better. So, is all soap antibacterial? Well, here’s the thing– it doesn’t need to be!

In this episode, I explain why we all need a little bacteria in our life, and the scary things obsessively killing germs could lead to. Why is antibacterial soap bad? Well, for one, it could lead to superbugs! And plain old, regular natural soap does the job just fine. You don’t need to add toxins into your life to stay healthy, guys. It just doesn’t make sense!


[00:02:40] So, how does soap kill bacteria?

[00:04:30] A human history of soap

[00:07:56] The downside to antibacterial soap

[00:13:41] How antibacterial soaps affect the environment

[00:17:45] What chemicals to look out for

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  • Bendjie
    Posted at 13:50h, 02 September

    Thank you Darin for yesterday´s podcast , i know you from Down to Earth..i love you mindset, the way you care about life, health, and the environnement.