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APPICS: Empowering People with Blockchain | Uma Hagenguth

APPICS: Empowering People with Blockchain | Uma Hagenguth

The cryptocurrency world may be confusing, but it’s not going away anytime soon. Understanding crypto, blockchain, Bitcoin, and everything in between may seem intimidating. But the truth is, you don’t necessarily have to understand it entirely to benefit from it.


Uma Hagenguth wants to give you crypto for the things you already do.

Now the founder and COO of APPICS, Uma began her career as an online entrepreneur at fifteen. Even at that young age, she was able to help businesses successfully transition to the digital age. After co-founding a digital marketing agency, she expanded her knowledge in the crypto space. 

Uma’s passion for expression and philanthropy led her to focus on cryptocurrencies in 2013. She quickly became an expert on the subject as a top crypto blogger for Steemit in 2016. Uma finally combined her love of blockchain and helping people with the creation of APPICS, a reward-based social media app. Her goal is always to empower people with blockchain and web3 technologies. 

I’m no expert on Bitcoin, crypto, or blockchain–

but I have been paying close attention to the cryptocurrency world over the last few years. Obviously, our current currency system is broken, and blockchain is the future. So I do what I do when I know something is important but don’t understand it entirely– I surround myself with experts. And my friend Uma is just that– a blockchain expert!

Uma’s app, APPICS, is an amazing concept. Everything you currently do on social media– post pics, share your projects and ideas, comment on your friends’ stuff– can be done on APPICS. The only difference is that you get rewarded with crypto for doing those things! I wanted to have Uma on the show to not only explain her new app and how it will change the game, but also to give us a breakdown of blockchain and how it works. I get that it’s not easy stuff to understand. However, it is easy to get started with apps like APPICS. And honestly, guys, you don’t have to understand it to benefit from it!


[00:03:30] Why blockchain?

[00:08:52] How does APPICS work?

[00:19:02] Do you need to understand blockchain to benefit from it?

[00:25:00] Green crypto

[00:28:54] Blockchain for the greater good


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