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C15:0 The Essential Fat Revolutionizing Health

C15:0 The Essential Fat Revolutionizing Health

Are you curious about the secrets of longevity?

Ready to explore the mysteries of health and well-being? We’re excited to present the latest episode that embarks on an intriguing journey from the depths of the ocean to the fascinating world of essential fats.

Our latest episode features Stephanie Venn-Watson, a veteran Veterinary Epidemiologist with an unexpected fear of water, which makes their career path, including major contributions to our understanding of essential fats and dolphin longevity, all the more astonishing.

From swimming lesson standoffs to pivotal epidemiological studies, she shares her transformation from aquaphobic to aquatic expert, diving into the metabolic mysteries behind the Navy’s healthiest dolphins and the discovery of odd-chain saturated fats like C15 as a key to longevity and disease prevention.

Venture beneath the surface with us as we navigate the murky waters of environmental toxins and their impact on marine and human health. The narrative is rich with details of the monumental shift in understanding, the untapped potential of these fats, and the imperative of sustaining our ecosystem for the health of all species.


Stephanie  Venn-Watson served as an epidemiologist tracking diseases for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization. She co-founded the National Marine Mammal Foundation and is a recipient of the Department of Health and Human Services Secretary’s Award for Innovations in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention.

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We also discuss…

(06:28) Dolphin Health Study Results

(12:24) “Understanding Saturated Fat Varieties”

(15:17) Importance of C15 Deficiency in Health

(21:31) Impact of C15 on Cell Membranes

(25:13) Discovering the Importance of Fatty Acids

(32:05) Discovering Nature’s Secrets

(35:47) Fatty 15 Supplement for Dolphins

(45:15) Comparing C15 and Omega-3 Fatty Acids

(53:14) Uncovering New Molecule Challenges Societal Norms

(57:36) Optimal C15 Dosing for Health


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