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Canned Foods | Fatal Conveniences™

Canned Foods | Fatal Conveniences™

Canning is a convenient way to preserve foods to prolong their shelf-life. Almost everything edible, from fruits and veggies to seafood, can be canned. And once canned, the food can be consumable for years. You can find aisles of affordable canned foods in every grocery store in America. But are canned foods safe to eat? What else are you ingesting when you heat up that can of soup for lunch?

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While I understand that being able to preserve food through the canning process is practical, the health implications of this method aren’t worth the convenience. The canning process may have come a long way since its invention in the 18th century, but modern canned foods are full of dangerous heavy metals and chemicals. Even organic canned food can still come with a side of lead, BPA, and massive amounts of sodium. 

In this episode, 

I’ll go through all the possible toxins lurking in your canned foods, and what each one could do to your health. I’ll explain the canning process and ways we can preserve food without aluminum cans. Because besides stocking cans for a potential emergency, is consuming canned foods really even necessary? You can grow, buy or make a fresh version of every single canned food item. And it’ll taste better and be better for your body. So let’s open a can of knowledge and learn how to make better choices that can help all of us in the long run. Choose fresh!


[00:02:20] The history of canning food

[00:04:40] Are there risks with eating canned foods?

[00:06:29] BPA in canned soup and pasta

[00:09:53] Heavy metals in canned food and what they do to your body

[00:11:20] The environmental impact of the canning process

[00:12:25] How you can avoid canned food altogether

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  • Kira Church
    Posted at 20:50h, 18 July

    I never comment, but I’m here listening every episode and implementing! I love the solutions and empowerment given and they are so simple. My 9 year old listens too. Keep up the good work!