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Discovering Your Purpose: Navigating Life’s Path to Thriving | Ross Dawson

Discovering Your Purpose: Navigating Life’s Path to Thriving | Ross Dawson

Have you discovered your purpose in life? In what ways have you anchored yourself in the direction you are called to serve?


How can we ensure that our decisions will help shape our future selves?

We continually thrive because of the purpose we believe in. It is a fundamental reason that we go on with our lives. Our purpose enables us to anchor ourselves in the direction we are called to serve. Without it, we remain in a blind spot. Self-evolution allows us to discover what we are called for and what community we should serve.

In this episode

Ross Dawson is a Futurist, Parallel Entrepreneur, and Keynote Speaker who works globally. He is the author of five books, including “Thriving on Overload.”

What we create today will have an impact on our future. Position your life in a way that encourages positive energy and eliminates information that radiates negativity, which can make us feel bad or cause destruction. Instead of being overwhelmed by these deceptive ideas, realign yourself and be surrounded by things full of life. A healthy mind comes from a healthy environment. The things we allow ourselves to absorb will gradually influence how we think and respond to things. Invest your time in healthy habits, filter only the positive information beneficial for your growth, and help you become a better version of yourself.

Constantly asking yourself the purpose of your life will direct you towards seeking answers to what you desire to discover in yourself. Life should evolve, adapt and fulfill the purpose you are built for. As long as the universe is changing, there will be opportunities and challenges that we must accept to grow. Humans are good at inventing and using technology to our advantage. Our ability to move forward from one thing to another proves how quickly we can discover that it all starts with curiosity, exploration, and smart ideas. As the world advances, you should too.

All this and more, on this week’s episode of  The Darin Olien Show.

  • 7:52 Thriving on Overload
  • 18:03 It’s impossible to know your purpose
  • 22:28 Framework: Humans in the future of work
  • 27:00 Polarization and division in society
  • 33:08 How humans are good for invention and progress
  • 36:56 Creating a better world with technology
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  • Shauna Worden
    Posted at 07:32h, 02 February

    Shared with my family and friends as I do most of your podcasts. Always great guests and info. Keep it up!