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Dr. Darshan Shah: The 6 Root Causes To Disease, How To Prevent Them, & Daily Habits To Increase Longevity

Dr. Darshan Shah: The 6 Root Causes To Disease, How To Prevent Them, & Daily Habits To Increase Longevity

If there are 6 root causes to all diseases, what can we do to stop them? 

With 50-60% of Americans on the road to Diabetes, it’s clear that our population is sicker than ever. And the harsh truth? We’re doing it to ourselves. 

In the latest episode of The Darin Olien Show, I sit down with Dr. Darshan Shah to explore the common mistakes people make when seeking shortcuts to health, such as opting for advanced medical interventions while neglecting basic dietary and lifestyle habits. We also discuss the six root causes of disease and how to prevent them. 

Dr. Shah shares insights into the impact of inflammation and high levels of biomarkers like HSCRP and homocysteine, which are often linked to poor gut health and a diet high in glucose and fructose. And practical advice on avoiding sedentary behavior, and prioritizing the right supplementation, nutrition and exercise.

Dr. Darshan Shah is the CEO and founder of Next Health, a trailblazer in health optimization. Starting his medical journey at 16, Dr. Shah has seamlessly combined his surgical expertise with an innovative approach to wellness. Under his leadership, Next Health offers advanced, personalized health services, focusing on longevity, vitality, and preventing disease. His vision embodies the fusion of technology and holistic health practices, positioning him as a leading figure in the health revolution.

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What we discuss…

(00:00) – The evolution of medicine towards holistic and individualized health

(15:34) – Bio-Optimizing through common sense for longevity and disease prevention

(31:17) – The power of small daily habits for longevity 

(42:51) – Understanding inflammation, and common misconceptions about health eating 

(51:03) – The 6 root causes of disease and how to prevent them 

(01:04:32) – Advice on nutritional supplements and incorporating functional medicine 

…and more!


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  • Melody Prosser
    Posted at 13:14h, 28 March

    Amazing information in the podcast! Thank you!