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Eric Liedtke: How to Avoid Fast Fashion and Go Sustainable

Eric Liedtke: How to Avoid Fast Fashion and Go Sustainable

Did you know that your wardrobe choices can either destroy or save the planet? Fast fashion is a major polluter, from toxic dyes to synthetic fabrics that shed microplastics – but sustainable fashion can help save your health + the planet! This is what we dive into in this episode of the Darin Olien Show with guest Eric Liedtke, founder of Unless Collective.

 We explore innovations in plant-based fashion, discuss the shift away from petrochemical-based materials and fast fashion, the potential of natural materials, the critical importance of sustainable material choices and more!

 Eric Liedtke, founder of Unless Collective, a plant based streetwear designed to leave zero plastic waste. Eric left Adidas after being their Global Brand Manager for 25+ years to create a brand with the end in mind – “Taking care of the earth and creating a sustainable future is in all of our hands. We want to be on the forefront of that change.”


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We discuss: 

(01:43) Sustainability Certifications and Company Focus

(08:26) Transitioning Fashion Industry Towards Sustainability

(15:26 ) Legacy and Sustainability in Modern Society

(21:51) Ocean Advocacy and Fashion Pollution Awareness

(27:52) Power of People in Eco-Consciousness

(31:45) Power of Social Media Advocacy

(43:40) Challenges in Color and Materials

(48:30) Material Science

(54:39 0) Greenwashing vs Positive Intent in Sustainability

(01:09:07) Innovative Sustainable Alternatives


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