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Eyeliner & Mascara | Fatal Conveniences™

Eyeliner & Mascara | Fatal Conveniences™

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. So of course there would be a desire to make those eyes pop. But using eyeliner to define your eyes may not be as harmless as you think.

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The area around your eyes contains some of the most sensitive skin on your body.

Using eyeliner to enhance the eyes has been popular for thousands of years- maybe even longer! The ancient Egyptians were known for their rich black lines defining their eyes, giving a distinctive sophisticated look. Although scientists believed the use of eyeliner in ancient cultures was strictly for aesthetic purposes, recent research seems to point to another reason. It turns out, kohl, the mineral substance used in early eyeliners, actually helped prevent bacterial infections of the eye.

Although kohl may have antibacterial properties, it’s also full of dangerous heavy metals like lead and antimony. You may not find kohl in today’s eyeliner products- in fact, it’s now banned in the US- but there are still plenty of dangerous chemicals. Most eyeliners you find at beauty supply stores or pharmacies are filled with phthalates, parabens, artificial coloring and propylene glycol. 

In this episode, we’ll go through the toxins found in makeup like eyeliner and what they can do to your health. I also dive into the sensitivity of the eyes and the surrounding skin, and what’s best to use in that area. And of course, I’ll give you some safe alternatives to experiment with. But just a reminder, the natural look is in! Let those eyes shine on their own.

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    Posted at 14:46h, 18 March

    Every episode is so informative.I appreciate the work you put into compiling ways for us to learn how to do and be better ~ THANK YOU