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Fake Meats | Fatal Conveniences™

Fake Meats | Fatal Conveniences™

The awareness of the harmful consequences of meat consumption on human health especially processed meats and conventionally grown meats as well as the toll on the environment grows every day, and so, the need for plant-based protein alternatives increases as well. 
In recent years, we have seen a surge of various plant-based “meat” brands that sell the idea of replacing regular protein sources with vegan patties and tenders that are almost identical in looks and flavor to the animal version. Brands like Beyond Meat and Morningstar have increased popularity for proposing a way to enjoy old-fashioned animal flavors without actually harming any animal. 
However, these kinds of foods remain with the harmful effects of highly processed products and are filled with harmful chemicals and dyes. That begs the question: Are fake meat alternatives healthier? Are we making a healthier choice when we opt for plant-based meat alternatives over the real deal? 
This is what we explore today in this episode of Fatal Conveniences. Get ready to dive into the world of Fake Meats. 

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05:04: What is the history of fake meats?
09:56: Is Beyond Meat healthier than real meat?
12:35: What role does Fake Meat play in obesity?
15:24: What are the ingredients of Fake Meat?
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