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Fatal Conveniences™: Daylight Savings Time

Fatal Conveniences™: Daylight Savings Time

Why do you do daylight savings? Is it actually necessary? And more importantly, what is it doing to our health?

When it comes to Daylight Savings Time it seems as though economic interests are once again the driving force for regulation.

Daylight savings time, although thought to be helpful in energy consumption during WWI and WWII, has a shockingly significant impact on our overall health. 

Companies and businesses are eager to keep the DST law put into place in 2007, which is shown to increase sales, but how is this adjustment in time affecting our circadian rhythms, sleep, and mental health?

Are we walking zombies destined to keep living in this shifted reality from changing our clocks twice a year? These are the questions we need answered and why we’re going to explore the Fatal Convenience: Daylight Savings. 

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What I discuss:

03:05 – Discussion on the history and health impacts of Daylight Savings Time, particularly on our circadian rhythm. The economic implications of the time shift are also considered

07:25 – Deep dive into how Daylight Savings Time can lead to fatigue, blood pressure changes and even increase the risk of heart disease

12:30 – Discussion on the adverse effects of the time shift on night owls and teenagers who stay up late

16:45 – The reasons behind Daylight Savings Time, discussing the physiological and psychological aspects that contribute to the heightened sensitivity to time shifts


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1 Comment
  • Celeste lumpkin
    Posted at 18:21h, 12 November

    I am 46 years old and you have changed my life! I listen to your podcast I take notes I change my lifestyle tell my coworkers, I tell my kids I share on Facebook I am a huge fan and I live in die by Daren Orleans, podcast and advice.
    I also started watching other shows similar on Netflix for example, seaspiracy, Cowspiracy what the health.

    I am proud to say I am now a vegan, thanks to you! I am born and raised in Texas and I never ever thought I would be a vegan, but after learning, everything, I’ve learned from your podcast from the documentaries on Netflix, I am proud to say I am vegan.
    I have bought a water filter. I do not use bottled waters I use toothpaste shampoo conditioner, everything I have become a completely different person. Thanks to your podcast.

    My question is if I can change at my age just from your podcast and Netflix documentaries can everybody else? so many people especially the young ones have not heard of your podcast but if I mention Zac Efron in your documentary, then they’re familiar so my advice is to get famous people to do more documentaries with people like yourself to educate all of us! The young, the old.

    Please keep doing what you are doing. And see if you can continue to help the world you’re doing great things and you’re very very amazing. Please don’t ever stop..