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Overeating | Fatal Conveniences™

Overeating | Fatal Conveniences™

The holiday season in America comes with a lot of food. There’s really no way around it. We’re going to be offered things we would never normally eat. But for some reason, we will eat them. And we’ll keep eating, probably till we feel sick. You may think doing this every once in a while is no big deal. But overeating comes with consequences.

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The problem isn’t that we’re addicted to food. It’s more that we’re addicted to eating.

The holiday season always gets me thinking about the amount of food considered normal in our culture. Americans sure know how to eat. But have you ever wondered how we got here? Why are we eating so much when we don’t need to? And what is it doing to our bodies?

The truth is, it’s not just humans that overeat. When animals have access to a never-ending food supply, they overeat too. Why? Because we’re supposed to work for our food! We’re supposed to forage. Supposed to peel, carve, chop, carry, prepare. We certainly aren’t supposed to open a box, hit start on the microwave and eat. 

In the segment, I get into the multi-faceted topic of overeating. There’s lots that goes into this, guys. But the bottom line is, processed foods high in sugar, fat and salt keep us coming back for more. We crave them. But there is good news. If you stop eating them, you’ll stop craving them. It really is that simple. I want you all to work more whole foods into your diet. Fresh, healthy fruit, vegetables, nuts and legumes; that’s what we need more of. So as we go through this holiday season in such a different way than years past, let’s insert some new healthy traditions in there as well. 

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