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That New Car Smell | Fatal Conveniences™

That New Car Smell | Fatal Conveniences™

The average American spends 1.5 hours a day in their car. That number may even be higher for you. Our cars, especially with the windows rolled up, become a small contained environment. The particles in the interior air of your vehicle get recycled in and out of your lungs, and your body. But what exactly are you breathing in with that new car smell?

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That new car smell is actually a toxic chemical cloud.

When you open your new car door for the first time and take a deep breath in, that new car smell triggers positive thoughts. We’ve been conditioned to love that smell. Our brains associate it with success, accomplishment, and of course, a fancy new car. If you can separate your preconceived feelings about this smell, you might notice it’s actually quite gross! A new car smell is a potent mix of overpowering chemical scents that have nothing positive to offer us.

In this Fatal Conveniences™ segment, I get into the chemicals that create this potent new car smell. The main culprits are VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds. I break down what these are and the three VOCs you should be aware of as it pertains to your vehicle. I go over the harsh effects these toxins have on our health. And of course, I give you some tips on how to cut down the potency of these chemicals and how to avoid them altogether. If you spend a lot of time in your ride, you’re going to want to take a listen to this one.

  • What are VOCs?
  • What’s “car fluff,” and how does it add to that new car smell?
  • What other vehicle components contribute to that toxic scent?
  • What’s off-gassing?
  • Which car manufacturers are working to cut down on toxics in vehicles?
  • What can you do to eliminate that smell?
  • What states or countries are creating new regulations to protect us?

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