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How Do We Find Clean Energy Solutions? | Chris Patton

How Do We Find Clean Energy Solutions? | Chris Patton

Contrary to popular belief, we already have solutions to today’s environmental problems. However, these solutions are not being implemented by companies or the average person. How do we find clean energy solutions that people will actually use?


Chris Patton dedicates his life to finding clean energy solutions. The trick is to get people on board.

Although he’s been on the podcast before, a lot has happened since episode 2. So I decided to have Chris back again to talk about all the amazing things he’s been up to. In our last conversation, Chris gave us so many ways to incorporate sustainability into the supply chain. Well, now he’s ready to tell us about the innovative ways he’s been working to do that.

As an international entrepreneur, Chris has broad experience working with eco-technology. He created a system for the Nihiwatu Eco-Resort and consulted for the Pastor Group of Monaco and the African Union. Recently, he was invited to represent clean energy systems as a participant in the UN Climate Change Pavillion at COP 26 and the UN Oceans Summit in Portugal. Chris is an accomplished inventor with a background in engineering, mining, and hydrogen technology. He was a guest at the White House for the DOE just a few months ago to consult our nation’s leaders on clean energy solutions. Today, Chris is the Co-Founder and CTO of AlphaCor Ltd. He specializes in advanced motors, turbines, and zero-pollution systems for deployment in the energy, aerospace, nautical, agriculture, manufacturing, and transportation sectors.

In this episode, 

Chris and I geek out about all the cool, clean energy eco-science technology he’s involved in today. He breaks down all the science behind technology that is actually based on concepts that have been around for decades. One of Chris’s biggest frustrations, and one that I share, is that even with actionable clean energy solutions, it’s a struggle to get companies and consumers to use them. (And spoiler alert: the answer is not electric cars.) He explains how we need to rally to get laws to change and companies to adapt to new clean energy policies. I was just so stoked to have my friend Chris on the pod again, as my first-ever second-time guest. He is incredibly passionate about what he does and why he does it, and I hope he can pass a little of that passion on to you.


[00:06:20] The cat’s out of the bag

[00:09:30] Beyond solar panels

[00:15:20] Disappointment with the current solutions

[00:22:20] What are Dead Zones?

[00:30:23] Let’s talk about Solutions

[00:36:47] How about clean energy solutions?

[00:53:55] What fuels Chris to keep going


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  • Gemma
    Posted at 10:13h, 15 November

    Absolutely mind blowing! The best episode ever. So inspiring. I’m sharing like crazy! Darin thank you for sharing your amazing friend with us and for all you do everyday to make the world a better place. And Chris thank you for your innovation and sharing it with the right people (let’s hope they listen), you are the man!!!