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How to Apply the ‘Antifragile Athlete’ Mindset to Improve Your Life

How to Apply the ‘Antifragile Athlete’ Mindset to Improve Your Life

What does it mean to be antifragile? How can we use the antifragile concept to empower athletes, and all people, to enjoy the process of self-development? 


Dr. Nick Holton & Dr. Adam Wright are creating antifragile athletes. Website Quote, “What does it mean to be mentally healthy Because I think most of us are misinformed on this.”

Dr. Nick Holton and Dr. Adam Wright have decades of collective experience working with athletes. As the Director of Mental Performance for the Washington Nationals, Adam is a high-performance and executive coach, consultant, and educator. His work serves a broad range of elite performers and athletes whose craft demands peak performance under pressure. He’s worked with elite high school, collegiate, national and professional athletes from just about every sport you can imagine. But Adam doesn’t just help athletes. He’s also worked with business executives, law enforcement, and military professionals, as well as creatives and performing artists. 

Dr. Nick Holon is the Co-Director of Human Flourishing and an Optimal Performance Coach. Nick’s work focuses on helping individuals, teams and businesses become a better version of themselves. In order to help them do that, he uses the application of cutting-edge science of human flourishing. This is a synergistic development of both peak performance and overall well-being and fulfillment. Currently, Nick serves as a private coach and consultant and works with everyone from professional athletes and coaches to fortune 500 businesses. 

In this episode, 

The doctors and I have an intense conversation about what it means to be an antifragile athlete. We hear a lot of phrases being thrown around when it comes to playing a sport. While it’s true that you have to be tough and resilient, you also have to be mentally healthy. Maybe mental health has been a part of the current conversation, but we still have a long way to go on that front. That’s why Dr. Holton and Dr. Wright do what they do. Their work with The Antifragile Athlete program is all about empowering people to better themselves at a healthy pace.

Both Nick and Adam break down their methods for self-development, including their “top-down, bottom-up” philosophy. They explain how their Antifragile Athlete coaching works and how anyone can benefit from it. Basically, it’s all about learning how to take in the bad with the good and working through the hard stuff to grow as a person. But you don’t have to be an athlete to gain something from their antifragile approach. This episode is for anyone who wants some tips on how to work on themselves while improving their coping skills. If you want to become the best version of yourself, it’s time to learn how to be antifragile.


[00:04:38] How the doctors met and decided to work together

[00:12:03] What is an antifragile athlete?

[00:21:00] Creating an ecosystem around us

[00:26:10] Including all perspectives

[00:31:05] Imagining the future for athletes


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