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Julie Nguyen: How to Change Your Unhealthy Eating Habits

Julie Nguyen: How to Change Your Unhealthy Eating Habits


 Most of you know what processed foods do to your health, yet your lifestyle doesn’t always accommodate “healthy eating,” and you “need” to succumb to processed foods.  Here’s a stat that may or may not be shocking to you: Up to 70% of US calories are from ultra-processed food. This is leading to our obesity epidemic – yet our current healthcare system fails to provide any effective solutions. 

That’s why in this episode of the Darin Olien Show, we’ll explore tangible ways to overcome this hurdle by making eating healthy the easiest thing you do each day. 

My guest, Julie Nguyen, not only discusses effective ways to break out of unhealthy eating patterns, but also discusses the importance of seeking out alternative health care solutions, the importance of personal motivation and research in achieving optimal health, and the healthy food delivery Innovation: Methodology. 

Julie is the CEO and co-founder of Methodology, a gourmet food delivery service that is revolutionizing the way we eat on the go – which is also known for their Michelin-quality meals housed in reusable, sustainable packaging. As part of her food research and travels, she’s lived in three of the world’s Blue Zones, the regions of the world with the highest concentration of centenarians. She uses her knowledge gained from these Blue Zones to inspire Methodology recipes. 


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What we discuss: 

(0:00:05) – The shocking  impact of ultra processed food 

(0:10:16) – How do we go from being chronically sick to being optimally healthy?

(0:18:25) – How do we break free from poor eating habits? 

(0:24:23) – Tangle ways for making eating healthy extremely simple 

(0:39:11) – Collaboration for innovative nutrition program

(0:43:04) – Why we should utilize fresh food delivery


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