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Justin Frandson: Protecting Yourself From EMFs without Disconnecting From The Modern World

Justin Frandson: Protecting Yourself From EMFs without Disconnecting From The Modern World


We are “smartifying” our world but it’s actually not smart for our health – how ironic is that? We are in this fight between how to keep up with the modern world filled with EMF’s and how to protect ourselves and our health. 

This is what we dive into in this episode of the Darin Olien Show with guest Justin Frandson. 

We also discuss the effects of electronics on your sleep, how your wearables are emitting EMF and what it’s doing to our health, what you need to know about electrosensitivity and electromedicine, and – something many of you will find fascinating – the negative effects of electric cars on the environment and human health. 

Essentially, the key takeaway from this episode is how to actually live in this modern world and not be a victim to the EMFs that are surrounding us – and how it all boils down to making simple, mindful choices in our daily lives that compound into drastically saving our health. 

Justin Frandson is an Athleticism Performance Coach and Author. He founded over 25 years ago doing nerve work for sports performance and treating concussions with amateur and professional athletes. Over a decade ago, Justin saw the athletes breaking down from wearable technology and looked to nature to solve it. and their Grounding Bags are now one of the industry leaders in natural electromagnetic radiation protection and help with sleep. They are sold through doctor clinics across the country.


What we discuss:

(0:02:00) – The invisible world of electromagnetic fields and their potential health impact, and the importance of finding a balance between connectivity and potential harm

(0:06:44) – EMF mediation and its effects on the human body, Justin’s background in athletic training, and his experience with an athlete who experienced pain due to wearable technology

(0:10:40) – EMF sensitivity and its impact on our bodies, and the use of applied kinesiology to communicate with the body and understand its response to different stimuli

(0:25:07) – The effects of non-native EMFs on our health, and how these electromagnetic fields can disrupt our body’s energy and lead to various health issues, including cognitive problems and serious conditions like cancer and diabetes

(0:35:59) – The effects of EMFs on our bodies, particularly in athletes, how EMFs can disrupt our energy flow and cause imbalances in our nervous system, the importance of maintaining a healthy environment, and how to test for imbalances

(0:47:16) – EMF protection and the use of crystals in achieving it, the unique properties of these crystals, and how they are used in grounding bags for portable protection

(0:54:52) – The impact of technology on our health and well-being, the importance of understanding our exposure to technology, and how it can affect our lives

(0:59:45) – The impact of normal things on our health and environment, why it’s important to use common sense and make informed decisions to live optimally and avoid becoming a victim of a profit-driven system

(1:12:57) – The negative effects of electric cars on the environment and human health

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  • Maurizio Frigo
    Posted at 08:42h, 28 December

    Cool episode, so true.
    Noticed a few years ago numbness and shakes in my arm went away when I reduced the amount of time holding my phone.
    My sleep was so much better too and became more in tune with my body cycle/time clock when moved the cellphone to the basement.

  • Maurizio Frigo
    Posted at 08:58h, 28 December

    Adding to my last comment. Move your TV away from the Bedrooms. Try it, you will notice something good.
    don’t leave you monitor on and shut down, unplug.