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Mammograms | Fatal Conveniences™

Mammograms | Fatal Conveniences™

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Women are told by medical professionals and non-profit cancer organizations to get their yearly mammograms as of 50 years old. But what they don’t tell is how fatal these types of scans can be for women’s overall health.
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In this episode… you will learn about the incidences many medical professionals fail to mention about mammograms, the dangers of radiation exposure, and what safe alternatives exist for women for breast cancer screening other than the traditionally prescribed mammogram.

  •  01:46: Disclaimer
  • 03:23: When were mammograms introduced into medicine?
  • 04:41: What do we know about the incidences of mammograms?
  • 08:40: How is radiation exposure related to cancer diagnoses?
  • 13:22: How can you safely screen for breast cancer?

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  • Maureen Byrne
    Posted at 10:29h, 08 March

    What is the problem with underwire bras?