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Miguel Beruman: The Only Nut That is Good for People + the Planet

Miguel Beruman: The Only Nut That is Good for People + the Planet

When traveling through a remote area of South America I came across this nut known to the indigenous tribes for millennia, but virtually unheard of anywhere else. As a global superfood hunter for over 15 years, I’m convinced that Barùkas nuts are the healthiest nuts on the planet; literally a mini-cocktail of hard to find micronutrients and vegan protein.

Welcome to The Darin Olien Show.

In this episode, Miguel Beruman, General Manager at Barukas, offers insights into the complex world of sustainability and responsible business practices. He shares insights on obtaining certification for social responsibility from organizations like SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit), the rigorous audit process, and the necessary measures, such as environmental safeguards, that companies need to adopt to be compliant.

We also discuss marketing strategies for eco-friendly products, innovative products with the baru nut, and the challenges of sourcing ingredients and maintaining quality control.


What we discuss:

(0:08:34) -The rigorous processes of achieving certification for social responsibility and the importance of environmental projects plushow companies can become certified

(0:18:43) – Marketing strategies for environmentally-friendly products with a focus on the Rainforest Alliance World Harvester certification and the potential for achieving B Corp, vegan, kosher, and organic certifications

(0:26:55) – Exploring the Barukas nut and marketing challenges

(0:32:23) – The growth and planning in Barukas Products, and the importance of cost structure, supply chain, and quality control

(0:37:00) – The potential of creating a Barukas bar with monk fruit and zero sugar


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