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Monica Richards: The Eco-Babe’s Guide to Sustainability

Monica Richards: The Eco-Babe’s Guide to Sustainability

Welcome to The Darin Olien Show.

In a world where every click leads to a purchase and every decision impacts the planet, the conversation about sustainability is more relevant than ever.

Today I’m joined by Monica Richards, creator of the ecobabe consultancy + collective, who shares how to achieve sustainability individually and collectively.

We discuss the essentiality of sustainable living practices such as minimalism, upcycling, and eco-advocacy; the power of personal responsibility and corporate action in achieving significant environmental improvements, including a 30% reduction in global emissions; and the crucial role of personal reflection in driving individual and systemic change towards environmental stewardship.

Monica Richards is the founder and co-founder of two conscious companies: ecobabe and The Collective. Ecobabe is an online community, lifestyle brand and blog where people are empowered with the tools and products to live more sustainably. The Collective is a global community where like-minded individuals come together with one common mission at hand: united action for a regenerative world.


What we discuss:

(0:06:55) – Monica’s journey towards environmental advocacy, fashion industry insights and the challenge of making sustainable consumer choices

(0:13:20) – Minimalism and the “having method”, and the benefits of upcycling and supporting small businesses

(0:29:54) – The importance of language in environmental discussions and how to be an advocate for grounded, common-sense approaches to environmental activism

(0:41:12) – The shift in corporate attitudes during Climate Week in NYC, where companies are now actively seeking environmental solutions, and corporate initiatives like Green Time

(0:52:25) – The importance of introspection for personal and planetary health. 


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