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Not Washing Your Produce | Fatal Conveniences™

Not Washing Your Produce | Fatal Conveniences™

If you’re not washing your produce, you’re biting off far more than you can, or should, chew. Pesticides, fertilizers, toxins, and germs could be lurking on that apple, or head of lettuce– even if it’s organic! Taking the extra step of thoroughly washing your produce can help get your body all the nutrients it needs, without the nasty stuff it doesn’t.

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Did you know that your local grocery store doesn’t have to disclose where they’ve gotten their produce, or what chemicals may be on it? The truth is, even organic produce from the supermarket could have traces of pesticides or herbicides. Just rinsing your piece of fruit under the faucet isn’t going to cut it. But not washing your produce at all is even more dangerous. Unwashed produce could introduce many different toxins into your body– even onions!

In this episode, we go over all of the possible chemicals hiding in your fruits and veggies. And I tell you the produce items that have the highest chance of being contaminated. Don’t worry, washing your produce is simple, and you don’t have to buy any fancy products to do it. I’ll tell you how, so you can feel good about eating all those healthy plants.


[00:01:55] The dangers of conventional produce

[00:04:48] A brief history of pesticide use on fruits and vegetables

[00:07:20] Why you need to wash your produce

[00:13:09] The produce you should wash, and how to wash it

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