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Nylon Cooking Utensils | Fatal Conveniences™

Nylon Cooking Utensils | Fatal Conveniences™

Nylon isn’t just for fabrics and clothing. In fact, many cooking utensils, like the cheap ones you find at supermarkets or discount stores, are made of nylon. Because nylon is a thermoplastic, it becomes flexible when heated, and then solidifies when cooled. That sounds perfect for cooking, right? While nylon spoons and spatulas may seem convenient for mixing, stirring, and flipping– those toxic tools come at a price.

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I will always advocate for cooking your own meals instead of ordering out or eating processed junk. But when you cook, you have to be aware of more than just your ingredients. There are so many options when it comes to cooking utensils. But if they’re made of nylon, it’s best to leave them on the shelf.

Are Nylon Cooking Utensils Safe?

The simple answer? No. Nylon is a synthetic material that leaches chemicals when heated. That means that when you stir your veggie medley with a nylon tool, you add some unexpected toxins to your dish. The good news is that it’s easy to toss those nylon cooking utensils and use something else. I’m going to break down why you should avoid nylon in the kitchen, and what to use instead.


[00:01:45] What is it?

[00:03:55] Massive popularity 

[00:04:54] DEM in your food

[00:06:05] Environmental effects

[00:07:06] Non-toxic cooking utensils

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