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Peter Singer: How to Make Ethical Food Choices and Respect Animal Rights

Peter Singer: How to Make Ethical Food Choices and Respect Animal Rights

Is eating meat an ethical practice?
In this episode of The Darin Olien show, we navigate the often-unseen implications of factory farming on our environment and society, shedding light on issues ranging from subsidized grain, antibiotic resistance, and climate change with Peter Singer. Peter’s expertise in bioethics offers a unique perspective into the relationship between our awareness and actions, illustrating how education can help mitigate animal suffering and make a difference. 
The discussion probes deeper into the ethical dimensions of our daily dietary choices. We dissect the conditions of factory farming and the psychological toll it takes on the workers. While the reality is grim, there’s hope through informed choices and supporting organizations striving for change. We also investigate the flourishing field of aquaculture, its effects, and the possibility of vegan alternatives. 
Regardless of your current lifestyle, this episode is a thought-provoking examination of how we can align our food choices with our ethical beliefs for a healthier, more sustainable future. Join us on this enlightening journey—it might just change the way you think about your plate.
Peter Singer is an Australian ethical and political philosopher best known for his work in bioethics and his role as one of the intellectual founders of the modern animal rights movement. He is the author of Animal Liberation, the 1975 classic credited with triggering the modern animal rights movement.

Key takeaways:

  • The reason why we eat meat is because we evolved with a taste for high density food. From most of our evolutionary history, we had a struggle to get enough food to be healthy, to thrive, to be active and to reproduce and bring up our children. So we developed a taste for meat in particular because it is a high density food and if you could catch and kill a large animal and eat it, then you were meeting your nutritional needs for some time. We still have this taste for meat because evolution works slowly and it doesn’t take account of the fact that now we can walk into a supermarket and choose for a wide variety of foods, including nourishing ourselves very well by plant based foods.
  • We are price conscious, hence why factory farming is a real thing. Factory farming is the combination of the idea that we want animal products, that we’d like to eat them and we want them as cheaply as possible. And factory farming has developed over roughly the past century to produce these foods more cheaply, to apply technology to them, to apply basically industrial production processes to them, standardizing things, getting cheap labor. This has created a disaster of  a situation for the animals, for the climate, and for our own health.
  • Factory farming causes harm to local people too. Anybody who lives near a factory farm knows that they’re terrible neighbors. For one thing, when the wind blows to you from them, the manure smell is awful. They also attract millions of flies which are around your place and of course they also pollute the water around. It also runs when there’s unusual rainfall. It runs into the rivers, kills thousands of fish, makes the rivers unswimable. 
(0:00:07) – Animal Liberation and Sustainable Living
(0:11:47) – Factory Farming’s Impact on Environment & Society
(0:20:43) – Meat, Ethics, and Climate Change
(0:27:04) – Ethics and Bioethics
(0:33:34) – Factory Farming and Ethical Choices
(0:46:40) – Christian Views on Animal Dominion, Aquaculture Concerns
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  • Anna Resende
    Posted at 07:10h, 25 August

    I’m a big fan of Darin’s. I first saw him on the Down to Earth show, which I absolutely love! I have watched all the episodes! From the show, I learned about Darin’s first book Superlife, which blew my mind!! My life started to change after reading it… a whole new world opened up for me. Shortly after I decided to change careers and became a Health Coach. I started writing a blog and have mentioned Superlife in many of my posts. Recently I have been listening to Darin’s podcasts and I continue to learn and evolve with each different topic. This episode in particular with Peter Singer was decisive for me to write my blog post about Veganism. I did not know Peter was advocating for animal rights for so long! Darin, I love your work and I share the same passions for Health and Wellness and Sustainability. I consider myself part of the ripple effect now! Keep rolling man! I’m with you!