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Plastic Cutting Boards | Fatal Conveniences™

Plastic Cutting Boards | Fatal Conveniences™

Every year, 320 tons of plastic are produced globally. While there are millions of plastic bottles and other single-use plastics sitting in landfills and in our oceans, it goes even beyond that. There are common home goods made from plastic that seem convenient and harmless, but are, in fact, dangerous. For example– plastic cutting boards. Are they really necessary? What are some non-toxic, safe options you can use instead?

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Cutting boards are a useful kitchen tool that you probably use every day. But have you thought about what your cutting board is made of and how it may affect your food? Plastic cutting boards are inexpensive and marketed as the most hygienic option– but are they? We’ve been fed a lot of myths about the necessity of plastic cutting boards. And the truth is, there are much better options out there.

Are Plastic Cutting Boards Safe?

The short answer is no, plastic cutting boards are not safe. Even companies that claim their cutting boards are made from “environmentally friendly” or “food-safe” plastic aren’t telling the whole truth. Even “BPA-free” plastics could be leaching toxins into your food. Every time you cut down on a plastic cutting board, microplastics are released, and I have the studies to back that up. 

In this episode, we’ll go over how plastic cutting boards are made and why you should be wary of any kitchen tool made of plastic. We’ll go over the risks involved in using plastics around food, and why you should be wary of plastic greenwashing. And, of course, I’ll give you plenty of safe, earth-friendly alternatives to use instead.


[00:02:20] Using plastic cutting boards

[00:03:25] The green-washing of plastic home products

[00:06:41] Studies of microplastics in plastic cutting boards

[00:08:48] Non-toxic alternatives

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