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Revealing The Truth On Quick Fix Diets: Are They Worth The Risk?

Revealing The Truth On Quick Fix Diets: Are They Worth The Risk?

Did you know…95% of people who try quick fix diets regain the weight they initially lost.

 And while we want to think we’d be part of the 5% that keep it off. The odds are truly stacked against us.

 Join me in this latest solo episode as I explore why it’s so important to reveal the true long-term damage that quick fad diets can do. In a world that craves instant gratification these temporary solutions but can lead to serious negative health consequences and a relentless cycle of weight regain.

I break down the misconceptions and risks associated with extreme dieting and carb restriction, as our bodies need a balanced intake of macronutrients. How you damage your metabolism by reducing your resting metabolic rate (RMR) which impacts how many calories you burn. And ultimately, how psychologically damaging fad diets are, leaving you in a place where you feel stuck in a hopeless cycle with your health.

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In this episode, I dive into…

 (00:01) – The real health pitfalls of quick fix diets

(08:24) – How quick diets can actually make you gain weight long-term

(15:47) – The harsh truth of how fad diets damage your hormones, metabolism, and long term health goals

(19:53) – The real consequences of quick fix diets on female hormones

(30:03) – Why avoiding harmful products on social media is essential to keeping yourself safe


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