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Ridding the World of Plastic Toothpaste Tubes | Lindsay McCormick

Ridding the World of Plastic Toothpaste Tubes | Lindsay McCormick

Oral hygiene is important for overall health– that’s a fact. But it’s also a fact that most traditional toothpaste is full of toxic chemicals and packaged in wasteful plastic. It’s time to support personal care product companies committed to clean ingredients and sustainable packaging.


Lindsay McCormick started Bite Toothpaste because she was shocked at the number of junk ingredients in traditional tube toothpaste.

As the Founder and CEO of Bite, Lindsay’s mission was to eliminate plastic from daily routines. She self-funded the company with $6,000 and ran the business from her living room. What started as an idea for toothpaste tablets has expanded into an entirely plastic-free oral care set, along with deodorants and body cleansers. Lindsay has recently been named one of Fast Company’s “Most Creative People in Business” and Inc’s “Top Female Founders.” Her passion for clean living and sustainability drives everything she does. Overall, Lindsay believes that businesses can be used as a force for good, and she’s working to make that a reality.

No More Plastic Packaging

I am constantly talking about the major plastic problem we have on this planet. We’ll never get rid of it entirely until people stop buying it. And in order to decrease the demand for plastic, companies need to step up and show consumers that there’s a better way. That’s why I love companies like Bite and founders like Lindsay. Not only is she focusing on personal care products like toothpaste that contain clean ingredients, but sustainable packaging as well. 

I’ve been using the toothpaste bits from Bite for a while now, and they have become part of my regular routine. I’ve had the same glass reusable jar they came in for years now! Such a simple concept– sell in a jar, send refills in compostable packaging. But it’s so discouraging that other companies and businesses pass on this kind of packaging for cheap plastic instead. That’s why what Lindsay is doing is so important. It’s not just about her company and her business. It’s about changing the game entirely. Personal care product companies– and every company– have the power to make a difference in how consumers purchase products. When the standard changes, clean ingredients, and sustainable packaging prices will go down. 

In this episode, Lindsay and I discuss how things have gotten to this point. We discuss ways that things could change, and how consumers have the power to make that change. It’s not just about toothpaste– there are so many other products that contain toxic ingredients and are packaged in wasteful plastic. Companies like Bite are dedicated to changing that, and I’m so excited to see what else Lindsay does to shake up the industry.


[00:05:40] Why toothpaste?

[00:10:40] The problem with sulfate

[00:18:00] Toxic and wasteful toothpaste packaging

[00:26:59] Kids’ toothpaste

[00:32:00] Expanding from toothpaste to deodorant

[00:38:27] Making clean and sustainable ingredients the baseline


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