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Scented Plug-Ins | Fatal Conveniences™

Scented Plug-Ins | Fatal Conveniences™

It’s nice to walk into a room and smell something pleasant like vanilla or pumpkin spice. Fresh, pleasing smells are like a jolt to our brains. But if those scents are made from synthetic chemicals, they’re doing a lot more to your body than you realize. Scented plug-ins may seem like an easy way to cover up nasty smells in your home, but what are they really doing to the air– and your health?

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As we enter the holiday season, companies will start marketing their seasonal scented air freshening products. One of the most popular options, scented plug-ins, are available in an endless array of enticing smells. Apple pie, orange vanilla, fresh linen– who wouldn’t want their home to smell like these things?

Are Scented Plug-Ins Safe?

Even if a scented plug-in product claims to have “natural scents” or essential oils, they are most likely filled with toxic chemicals as well. Most scented plug-in products are full of VOCs, volatile organic compounds. VOCs are terrible for the body, and are known to irritate the nose, eyes, throat, and lungs. Some are even carcinogenic! 

Listen, I love a fresh-smelling house as much as the next guy– in fact, I use an essential oil diffuser almost daily! There are so many easy, inexpensive, safe alternatives to products like scented plug-ins. There’s really no need to buy these horrible toxic things. 


[00:01:48] The evolution of scented plug-ins

[00:04:03] What are VOCs?

[00:07:28] Safe Alternatives to Plug-Ins

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